sensory overload. part 3.

hi! it’s tuesday, so i’m a day late. but, oh well. i’ve been pretty busy on account of it’s not your ordinary week here in the states… it’s thanksgiving week!! and that means that the holiday season is officially starting and getting into full swing. christmas music will be playing in my home, in my car, and everywhere i go as of thursday evening after i’ve downed all my turkey and stuffing.

but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. this post isn’t about what’s coming, it’s about what has been. what i’ve experienced in the past week that blew my mind and touched my heart. and i’ll have to say one thing about the week: it was definitely a social one! lots of people and lots of fun.

see: amazing, beautiful, gorgeous nature. my eyes feel like they just might explode out of my head. for real. i am forever pulling over to stop& take photos, certainly annoying all of the people behind me. oops.

taste: a bellini. my new favorite over the mimosa. i went to the battery park book exchange & champagne bar with a blogger friend and, instead of coffee, i had a bellini – champagne and peace. delicious! and a fabulous way to start the weekend.

touch: i thumbed through lots of books at a local bookstore, and of course ended up making some interesting purchases. hee hee. i just cannot resist books. even thought the stack beside my bed keeps getting higher and higher.

feel: right now, i am most definitely beginning to feel the holiday spirit, especially after going to a tree-lighting ceremony in the area. i’m also feeling so thankful for my family – my amazing, inspiring brother and wife. the two of them are so important to me, making my days, and this whole entire autumn, incredible, meaningful, and fun.

i cannot forget to mention the how i have felt since writing my posts on the United Methodist Church and LGBTQ issues. getting all of that out, processing my feelings and thoughts, and hearing your replies has, again, touched me very, very deeply. 

hear: the voices and laughter of making new friends at the second fika meet up that i hosted. it’s freaking amazing to meet other people and make connections. last wednesday, there were seven of us that gathered together for coffee. so much fun! on saturday, i also heard all of the noise and voices and music in a new pub that we visited with a new friend. it was an afternoon of feeling really alive and just enjoying the present moment.

smell: pumpkin cheesecake! i made some yesterday and my whole apartment smelled like the holidays. can’t wait to eat some on thursday.

IMG_5962 IMG_5968 IMG_5981 IMG_5982 DSC_0659 IMG_6018 IMG_6029 DSC_0679 IMG_6036 IMG_6041 IMG_6042 IMG_6045 IMG_6048 IMG_6060 IMG_6064 IMG_6078 IMG_6095

another amazing week has passed, and a new one stretches out in front of me. with all of the thanksgiving and christmas goodness that begins this week, i bet that i’ll have tons of photos next week. wishing you a lovely week, wherever you are, my friends.

peace & love. 

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