Slow. Simple. Wild. Welcome to Summer 2020.

we’ve hit the halfway mark of the year + have now entered summer 2020 (or winter 2020, for you southern hemisphere souls). wherever you find yourself, i cannot believe that the seasons have changed again + that we have now crossed another threshold and celebrated another festival – in the midst of a pandemic, racial + civil unrest, humanitarian crises, an environmental crisis, pride month, personal challenges, life upheavals, and so much more heavy intenseness.

how is it even possible to think about celebrating anything in the midst of all of this, right? and, yet, marking festivals + following the rhythms of the earth are just the thing i think we need to help keep us grounded. to give us perspective. and to help us to continue evolving. we need these festivals, rituals, and simple earth-based celebrations in order to remember the cycles of life. to remind us that all of it is important + that nothing is permanent – the good, or the bad.

and what a weekend it has been for me. midsummer. solstice. a new moon. a revived interest in juneteenth. father’s day. and epic swedish summer weather up here in the north.

this summer 2020 weekend has been a portal, a gateway, a shift. the wheel of the year has turned + suddenly i find myself in the darker half of the year… where the days grow shorter from now until the winter solstice.

but this is my favorite half of the year. the half that draws me inward + downward. to the earth + to the deep medicine of my soul.

so, to close out the first half of the year and the season of spring, i wrote + published my last corona diaries post on my blog – something i started in a mid-march when i started working from home.

of course, not only have the seasons changed, but the world has changed since then. in multiple and powerful ways. i have changed since then. and how i want to live + show up has emerged from a much deeper place + a much wider perspective. so, it only makes sense that it’s time to close one chapter, flow with nature, and move into a new phase + a new season with new intentions.

now that it’s summer, now that we’ve shifted to a new season + the darkest half of the year, it’s time to settle into all that has gathered in my soul over the first half of this year.

from now until the autumn equinox, i shift into wild mode… tapping into my deep love for earth-based spirituality. spending time during the summer to learn + practice my connection to living in rhythm with the seasons + discovering the divine in every living thing. summer is my sabbath. time for rest, rituals, and resetting. a sacred time to stay slow + to soak in the abundance of life. to ground + get centered.

i feel a deep calling to drop into the simplicity of summer this year. to connect with the wisdom of the past + present. to expand my knowledge + solidarity with people on the margins, scientists, spiritualists, indigenous, black + brown, queer by seeking out their voices. to listen to their stories. to create + engage in my own everyday rituals. to focus on nature. to continue living into my contemplative way of mysticism + meaning.

i have big intentions for this season, but no expectations. just to live in the now. because, if there’s one thing covid-19 has taught me, it’s that right now is all we have. and we have no idea what we might face tomorrow.

so, slow. simple. natural. wild. welcome to summer 2020.☀️may you be blessed all season long.

xoxo. liz.

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With each turning of the wheel of the year, I create a new playlist to capture the vibes + energy of each season. My latest playlist, Litha, is now ready for your listening, subscribing, and/or downloading pleasure. Welcome to the soundtrack of Summer!

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