It’s midsummer weekend + this is my last Corona Diaries post

How is it already midsummer weekend? How is it already mid-late June? How wild has this ride been so far in 2020? And how I am still asking “what kind of world are we living in”?

I still have so many questions. Maybe even more than before. But, I feel like those questions will be around for a while longer. As will Covid-19. We really are living in a new normal. There will be no going back to before the pandemic. This is our life now + going forward we will learn how to adapt, adjust, and move onward with new routines, rules, and ways of thinking. And, honestly, I think we will be better people for it.

So, I’ve decided that with this post, I am ending my Corona Diaries series. And midsummer seems like the perfect, natural shift to the next phase, the next season, the next cycle of our individual + collective evolution. Hopefully, it is a shift toward rising to a higher, deeper, more spiritually grounded way of living, working, and existing together. Hopefully, it is a shift toward a more equal, just, mindful world – for all citizens and for nature.

But, before I move on to the next phase and as I drop into the shifting energies of this weekend, I want to document one more time my quarantine/covid-19 experiences + thoughts.

In my last post, I closed out the month of May by sharing that I felt that June would be a time of emerging. And, while I have been emerging, it’s not exactly how I expected or imagined it would go. June has been turbulent.

Civil unrest in the United States sparked by the deaths of black men at the hands of police has led to riots, protests, solidarity, and a renewed (or totally new) desire to dive deep into understanding systemic racism and the experiences of black men + women all around the globe. Could we be slowly emerging from the ignorance + horror of racial injustices?! This is the time for black voices to emerge + shout + cry out. And for white folks to listen + lift up + join in the fight.

Closer to home, Lina lost her job due to the pandemic. We gave thanks week after week that her work had adjusted and adapted to the challenging times. But, suddenly, 2 weeks ago, Lina was told that she would be laid off in two months. So, not only has it been a shock, but also a deep grieving process and a need to begin to make plans for what comes next. But, Lina… she is the most bad ass, strong, amazing woman I have ever met. And, as time moves on, all will be well. In the meantime, we’re staying close to home still. Finding time to just be together + enjoy the blissful June that Sweden is giving us in the midst of the pain + uncertainty.

My work as a mentor for the students studying nature + animals ended with the end of the school year last week. I am not leaving my job, but I am shifting focus… so next year I will be working with the students who are studying to become makeup + hair stylists. I am emerging from 5 years of work with one group of students + moving towards a whole new adventure (still as a mentor/life coach) with new students when the fall semester starts up.

For now, I am still working from home, closing out one school year + preparing for the new one. Enjoying the slow, simple ways of working during these summer days. Two more weeks of this and then I shift into my 4 week vacation. And these 2 weeks serve as the most amazing way to slowly, mindfully shift from the busyness of the academic year to the deep rest of my summer break.

The rest of our days at home have been filled with time in the backyard – our sacred space for this summer. We’ve left home to run errands once a week or so, I’ve walked to work a couple of times, and we even ate/drank out at a restaurant once or twice… but, we are definitely still centering our lives around our home.

As the summer solstice and midsummer weekend approaches + the days have grown longer and longer, I have created a nighttime backyard ritual. Just a few minutes of wandering in the backyard before bed – to ground, center, and calm myself. To wind down the day + gain a bit of perspective. The summer nights and 11 pm sunsets in Sweden are so magical.

So, here we are. I’ve come to the end of my Corona Diaries series. And, no, Covid-19 is not over. But, I feel a sense of closure and I see this weekend as a portal/gateway into something new. Right now, I feel as anything is possible. As if anything can just pop up. Good, bad, anything. And, as this year has shown up so far, I fully expect the best + worst at any given time.

But, really, is that any different than all of history? All times, all periods, all phases are filled with both tough times + beautiful moments. That truly is life. The thing for me is to find my center + live from there. To understand + accept that life is all of the messiness and loveliness combined. But, that it is also a continuous cycle of evolution and growth. All things have meaning + purpose. All moments are a part of it. All struggles, fights, and moments of pause.

The midsummer weekend is here to help us forward into what comes next. To remind each of us that there is a fire that burns within our soul. The the holy light of this season fills us with the passion + flames that we need to help us burn brightly – for the growth of our souls + for the sake of others.

And with that, I leave behind my Corona Diaries. Ready to step into the midsummer weekend. Ready radiate light + love. Blessed solstice, loves. xoxo.

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  1. Liz, I am constantly stunned and thrilled by your gorgeous photography and encouraging words. It is so wonderful to hear from you and reconnect. I’m sorry that Lina’s job was a fatality of the Pandemic … and yours is shifting. I do like to think that when one door closes … another one opens – if you’re willing to walk through. I only have personal experience to base this on, but it sure worked for me! 🙂

    Wishing you two all the very best, and a lovely, relaxing summer. James says hi, too! <3 Terri

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