How I am facing the second half of 2020

It’s been almost a month since my last post! How is that possible? Time just keeps on clicking by, days running into days, months into months, and this crazy year continues onward. My absence here has been due to a chaotic last 2 weeks of work – where I was not working from home (which was exhausting + defeating after 4 months of working from home) and 1 week of vacation – where I sank deep into the first way I intend to face the second half of 2020 (more on that in a post in a couple of days).

Back when July began + soon after the new moon, I started making some intentions + intuiting how I wanted + needed to spend my oh so amazing 4 week vacation (thank you, Sweden). Knowing that this summer would be different from most summers, I felt that that I needed to focus on the opportunities + possibilities, instead of the heartache that I feel of not being able to travel to see my parents, my brother, and friends + family this summer.

The vibe I came up with had everything to do with simplicity. In my last post, I shared that I felt that this summer was meant to be slow, simple, and wild. As I moved from work mode to vacation mode, I felt more rising from my soul. A deeper, clearer sense of how I could create this summer to be just what I need to help me face the second chaotic half of 2020.

So, July will to be a sacred portal for me. If you think of January-June as the first half of 2020 + August-December as the second half of 2020. July is the pause. The breath. It is the time to rest, restore, reset, and reimagine.

So much feels as if it has happened to us this year… can I get an amen? What would happen, though, if instead of giving away our power + seeing everything as happening to us, that we chose to hold onto our power + create the second half of 2020 as we want?

Now, let me be clear. Shit will happen to us. Tires go flat. We get sick. Hurricanes form in the Atlantic. We drop + shatter a glass shelf. Toes get stubbed. Poverty + racism still exist. People cut us off on the highway. We wake with a headache. We get bored. A loved one dies. It rains + rains + rains. Plans change.

And all of that stuff of life that causes us to suffer + fear + feel anger will continue to happen throughout the rest of this truly crazy year. It could get even more fucked up – I expect any- and everything these days. And, yet, that stuff has always happened. Life has always been fucked up + hard + challenging for people all throughout history. So, yes, it truly is bad now. But, no, we aren’t alone in our suffering.

However, we always have the power to choose how we want to live – even in the shittiest of situations.

If life is so fucked up + scary + disappointing (as it often is + has been this year), then how do I choose to show up in the middle of all of that? How do I continue on? Where do I find hope? How do I choose to live in this reality? What energy do I want to bring? How do I want to be, live, and love? July will help me sift through these eternal questions. And, by slowing down + simplifying + being right where I am, then the medicine that I need + that I need to share with the world will be made manifest.

July is a month for me to recommit to my resolve to not give up. To not give in. To not let cynicism reign. But to, instead, rest, restore, reset, and reimagine my soul + my life. I have decided that this month, as I keep it slow + simple + wild, that I take a deep, long breath, anchor myself in the earth, stretch myself up to the cosmic spirit, and set my sights on the second half of 2020 with determined hope, a sense of justice, knowledge of the bigger picture, and the intention to let my life radiate wisdom, positivity, and calming energy from my core.

Over the next few weeks, while I am on vacation, I am going to share a series of posts on the 4 things I am doing this month in order to face the second half of 2020: rest, restore, reset, reimagine. These 4 posts will simply explain + go deeper into how I am creating the space this month for transitioning from one energy to another, from the first half of 2020 to the second.

So, let 2020 continue on, right? We can take it. And, if we choose, we will stand rooted like the tree, flowing like the river, and ever evolving like the moon. And, when August begins, we will be more than ready to face the second half of 2020 with love + light + medicine.

Sending you love + wishes for slow, simple moments. xoxo. liz.

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  1. This was quite refreshing to read. I have been feeling very much on the opposite end of the spectrum. I will follow along more closely the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll learn a few things and gain some inspiration. 🙂

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