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  1. Hey Liz,

    That saying, “everything happens for a reason”~

    Is it true, or wishful thinking? Is it what we must say to justify or rationalize it. And to rationalize, we will fit the ends to the means…

    Sorry- that sounds jaded, but I think of this often. Your take?

    1. Tracy, I love your comments. 🙂
      I most definitely don’t believe that everything happens for a reason in the sense that everything is planned out in some providential way, and the Universe is just watching us unfold our lives which have already been planned. No way. I’ve also struggled with the whole “everything happens for a reason” thing as way to just comfort ourselves to get through a difficult time. I didn’t want that. On the other hand, if it helps someone deal with a loss or a lot of pain the moment, how is it a bad thing? Or is it?

      I am not saying that I agree with 100% of the quote, but I do think that when things happen, those difficult, gut-wrenching times that do & will happen, I believe that there is something to be learned.

      I am experiencing some tough things in life right now, and while I don’t believe necessarily that they have happened for a reason (= i and my loved ones were meant to suffer), i do recognize that there i something i can learn about myself, some way i can grow stronger, be more true to myself, learn to be more loving. So, I remind myself, int he midst of pain, that I can & will be transformed in some way, if I allow myself to be. And then, when I look back, I will see that what has happened, did not happen specifically because it was planned that way by the gods, but because I allowed myself to be open and transformed. I allowed the pain to be transformed to hope. And in that sense, there was a purpose for what happened.

      Geez. I just went on & on… just my thoughts. You asked. Hehe. 🙂

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