i came across this quote today in a touching blog post i read…

without getting into some discussion about creation from a scientific or religious viewpoint (because i can & do believe that religion & science compliment each other), i want to point out that i thought that this quote was beautiful. i have always felt drawn to stars, to the universe, to all of that stuff way out there. in fact, the first tattoo i got is a star. hehe.

some say that they feel so little when they gaze up at the night sky, but i feel completely opposite. i feel like everything (the world, the universe, life, and time) is so vast and infinite; and yet, i feel completely connected. when i gaze at the stars, at the night sky, i feel that one thing that connects all of us. i feel free, open, peace, calm. and i am in awe.

the very first time i had this overwhelmingly connected and spiritual feeling was when i was about 18. i was camping with my parents in the mountains of north carolina, and i decided to take a little walk around the campground by myself. it was about 10pm. completely dark. i was surrounded by trees behind me, on the side of a mountain, and i turned my head skyward. looking up, i was taken over by the beauty and amazingness of the, what seemed like, millions of stars that i saw. some twinkling. some simply shining. at that moment, i felt peace like i’d never felt before. i felt my place in the world. i felt that i mattered, even if i was so small compared to this great universe before me. i felt like i could feel every soul that was living, that had ever lived. it was a beautiful, powerful moment. and i knew that was here for a reason. that my life meant something.

image from pinterest.

when i read this quote today, and i thought about all of us being made of stardust, i felt something beautiful. like life was so simple and so complex at the same time. i imagined the divine, spiritual connection that unites us all as little particles of stardust. and for a moment, i felt something that i cannot describe with words…

star-gazing. that’s not something i have the luxury of doing much in life these days, as i live in the city. but, as soon as i see the stars, every time i see one, or millions, everything feels right in that moment. i feel hope. i feel freedom. i feel peace. i hope you, too, have a chance to gaze up at the beautiful night sky every now & then.

image from pinterest

“if people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, i’ll bet they’d live life differently.” ~ anonymous

make a wish & believe it will come true. sharing light & peace with you all. xx

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  1. This is a beautiful post. So heartfelt and real, I really like it, and to get an idea of someone else’s “spirituality”, for want of a better word, is really eye-opening to me.

    I grew up on an isolated farm and now, living in the city, the thing I miss most are the stars. The stories I grew up with from the Aboriginal people I knew of what the represent, learning what they truly are and looking up and seeing the light from a star that may have died millions of years ago and so isn’t really there, but it’s light is – I feel it gives you perspective, but a completely different kind of perspective.

    I like that you don’t feel swamped by the insignificance that some feel looking out at the universe, and I hope more people will start to see it your way because it is incredible to think that we are all part of this! Every single one of us is connected to every single other person, every single other thing, every single other star – it’s just awesome!

    Ugh, now back to work, back to everyday life – I am thankful my office has a window 😉

  2. i accidently stumbled to your blog, thank god for that.:)
    reading the text, first thought that hit me, that you took my words of how i feel. i could so well relate to this feeling, feeling of being mattered, that my existence has reasons, of being not alone under this vast sky. your blog had compelled me to write to you, that i like you for sharing such a beautiful mutual feeling! 🙂

    1. What a wonderful comment that makes my soul smile. Thank you so much for writing and sharing! So glad to have met you. :). You’re welcome back anytime!!

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