sun, sun, sun!

i’m getting some much needed vitamin d this weekend. the sun has been shining, and we’ve been outside!!! apparantly, the amazing weather will continue tomorrow and monday; and that is perfect timing – it’s a 4 day weekend! so, we’ve had 2 beautiful days and it looks like we’ve got 2 more on the way. woo hoo!

here’s what we’ve been up to during the first half of our mini-vacation together: friday night we had a bbq for lina’s nephew. i really love to eat outside. then today (saturday) was påskafton (easter eve). in sweden, easter is celebrated with family on saturday. and one of the swedish traditions on this day is to get eggs filled with candy (it’s one big egg, not lots of little plastic ones in the states. and there’s no easter basket. it’s all about the eggs!). and, here, kids hunt for their eggs. so, lina and i spent the day with some of her family, celebrating a typical (and sunny & warm!) easter eve! people, food, sunshine, easter eggs, fika on the deck, just sitting in the sun. it felt so good.

good friday morning. starting the morning off… me: lazy with a cup of coffee, the cat asleep beside me, & my computer.           lina: working hard with lots of papers, paying bills, making a budget, etc. not really fair, huh?

friday night: the first bbq of the season. yuuuummy!

just enjoying the warm sun on a friday evening.

the table is set!

easter egg hunting this afternoon!

little j showing me her prize… found: one egg full of chocolate & candy! YEAH! (picture taken by lina’s cousin, lovisa)

looking for the last egg…. it took forever. hehe. (lina hid them well!)

serious easter egg excitement here.

wishing you all a wonderful, and hopefully sunny, easter! peace.

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