there is nowhere love won’t go.

it’s 4:38 am in sweden & i’m just happen to be awake. just now, the sun is beginning to rise. i was irritated at first to have woken up so early, but then I realized… it’s sunday. it’s easter morning! and I’m watching the sunrise!

the dark days are finally over. death has been conquered! love, which is willing to go anywhere, to face anything, has won! yes, there is nowhere love won’t go. it has gone to the darkest places, it has been in hell, and it has conquered death.

we thought that there was no hope. we thought that all had been lost. we thought that suffering was the end of the story. we assume that even today we are left alone to wander the earth aimlessly, so we try to fill our emptiness and fear with money, power, & selfishness. but that’s all a lie. yes, life is tough. yes, this world is screwed up. yes, we hurt and suffer. but, we are not alone. the light has conquered the darkness. death and suffering happen, but they do not have the last word… because love rose up from the dead. love lives! love wins!

wake up, world! there is hope even in the darkest night! there is much to be done! there is much to celebrate! there is love to be shared!

the birds are chirping. the sun is rising. and love has risen!

a pic from easter sunday in 2009 when lina & i were in florida.


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