today all hope is lost…

“joseph put the body in his own tomb that had been cut into solid rock and had never been used. he rolled a big stone against
the entrance to the tomb and went away”. ~ mark 15:46

this picture shows us the beauty of Christ in his complete obedience to the will of God, at vast cost to himself, and also in his unconditional love for us. because it is for us, for our sake, that he is here like this.

for the first followers of Jesus, this was the end of the road, the end of hope. jesus was dead and buried. they had no expectation that anything extraordinary would happen. as that heavy stone was rolled across the entrance to jesus’ tomb, it really seemed like The End.

there are so many people who have lost hope in some area of their lives. i can think of some i know. i’m sure you know some too. and there are so many that we don’t know personally, but they are still our brothers and sisters. perhaps today, as jesus lays in the tomb and all hope seems lost, let us hold on to each other. let us think of each other…

surely we can sacrifice a little time to think of one another on this day.


(pic and text inspired from here)

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