sunday wanderlust.


happy sunday, friends! i am feeling a little wanderlust-y today, but i’m not really going anywhere. and i don’t have any plans for any road trips any time soon, which is perhaps why i am feeling wanderlust-y. still, the desire to travel and my dreamy, contemplative nature, keep life interesting. it keeps me learning. and growing. and hoping. and planning. so, go ahead. dream away. make wishes. write a bucket list. wonder. contemplate, ponder. wander. slow down. go new places & explore new things – even if it’s just around the corner. an even on a regular sunday. because, isn’t that what life is really all about?!

peace & love & adventures.

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  1. I get feelings like this all the time! A few weeks ago I spent a whole noon lost reading about Easter island & Pirethan (might spelt wrong) island! Both fascinating if you get a few spare hours!!!

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