i will always believe that peace is the answer.


i am a news junkie. or nerd. or whatever you want to call me. and on sunday mornings in the states, if i’m home, i like to watch all the sunday morning talk shows. as depressing and skewed and manipulative it may be, i want to be informed. of course, i don’t just rely on the mainstream media to get my news. i also listen to/read independent newspapers/sources. i read commentary and try to listen to global perspectives as well. but, on sunday mornings, i catch up with good ole american sunday morning talk shows = news talk shows.

this past sunday, i did just that. i made a pot of coffee and sat down to hear the latest on syria. something that is on my mind pretty much constantly these days. how in the world have we found ourselves (the usa) in the place AGAIN, where we think we have to flex our muscles, be the police of the world, and intervene (perhaps on our own) militarily in another country’s conflict? not that we shouldn’t intervene. we most definitely should. what is happening in syria is tragic and inhumane. but, perhaps, if we can find the money to station destroyers in the mediterranean and send missiles to syria, then we could find the money (= use the same money) for the millions of syrian refugees living in horrible conditions instead. perhaps we could save lives instead of killing them.

oh, i know that this is a complicated (understatement!) situation, but something about it is simple. at least in my idealistic, theological mind. it’s about humanity. and then ends justifying the means. which in this case, they don’t. that’s my ethical take on it. here’s the simple statement… and i draw on martin luther king, jr. again after celebrating his legacy last week:

violence only creates more violence. period. it never, ever solves the problem. as king says it:

“darkness does not drive out darkness, only light can do that. hate does not drive out hate, only love can do that.”

missiles, war, violence, and the need to show our strength & credibility to the world do not solve any problems, they are simply egotistical. in my opinion, those who are the greatest, are the peacemakers, the ones who are humble and merciful and even meek. the ones who live and work for others, not for themselves. the world does not see them as “great”, but screw the world. since when did the world have everything right? is money, power, greed, and a tough appearance the only way to get respect? i think not. the truly great ones, stand their ground and do not give up, but they do it non-violently:

like ghandi, nelson mandela, mlk, jr., mother theresa, julian of norwich, perpetua, and countless more “regular” women & men & children who are left out of the history books… even you & i. if we choose it.

we can be great. we can make a difference. and we can work for true justice. but, it cannot be through violent means. peace will never be achieved by flexing our muscles and threatening and hitting and punishing. peace will be achieved through peace.

and so, today, during my forty days of fika time, i am going to meet with others in downtown asheville to meditate for peace… specifically for the events in syria, for world leaders, and for our own courage to live non-violent lives.

wherever you are, will you join me at some moment today to stop & think about those suffering in syria, and how the world should respond to the horrible human suffering going on in that country and in many others around the world? will you consider that the greatest way that you can be a peacemaker is, perhaps, in your own life, the the people that you meet everyday? if we all did that, then what would the world be like?

peace and harmony… to you all.

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  1. I just came back from a trip to Israel where, you can imagine, things are pretty tense. But even there, where the government supports military action, the average person is praying for peace. I join them, and you, in sending peaceful energy into the universe for working towards a mediated settlement.

    1. Thank you for sharing your comment. Wow. What an incredible time to be in Israel. If only our prayers could be answered and violence could be averted…

  2. Well Liz, I sure do wish for the same- yet I understand that the policies & strategies in place favour the greedy of our world.
    These issues/situations/skirmishes/crimes are not even about peace/war or love/hate- they are about greed- always. Sometimes this is not made obvious- but it always comes out, eventually.

    I sometimes think that there are two types of people in the world- codependents (in a more forgiveable/understandable role) & psychopaths…you know who you are!

    You, Liz, are the feeling & the tender-hearted one- who the psycho-p’s steam-roll over. Worse, they do so w/o conscience. We (the co’s) spend a lot of time trying to “understand” or “figure out” the why’s & such, of the p’s- when in reality, there is no “why”. There is only “dysfunction”.

    Imho- & only because I lived through a relationship that involved this- which enlightened me tremendously to things I had previously been unaware of…I see it clearly now.

    1. What a great and interesting quote, Tracy! Thank you!

      I have been thinking about you and hoping that things are settling down for you a bit. All the best to you… peace, love, and hope. Thank you for staying in touch. xx

  3. Love this post Liz, I’m a bit of a news junkie too, I just like being informed! I too am horrified by what is happening in Syria, I noticed Pope Francis has dedicated this Saturday afternoon as an afternoon of prayer and fasting for Syria, wonderful.xx

    1. Thanks for the comment here, Sarah! Fun! I heard about that too, and I decided to go to a prayer vigil for Syria on Friday. It was really meaningful and made me feel like I was doing something, even if it was only a little thing. xx

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