things i love about these september days.

you know, september is my favorite month because there’s a lot to love about it. it’s got a little bit of everything: summer, fall, the possibility of really chilly weather, green trees, autumn-colored leaves, blue skies, rainy days, the beginning of a new year (my brain still works on an academic year. hehe.), sweaters, boots, warm days, dark nights, and gifts & celebrations (it’s my birthday month!).

it always feels like a transitional month to me, and a month to come home. to begin to nest and get all cozy. this year, it feels even more like that. summer has been beautiful, wonderful, and crazy. i turned my life upside-down once again during the summer months, moving from sweden to the united states, and throwing my arms open to the universe, saying, “take me where you will” as i chase more of my dreams.

well, the first week of september has now come & gone. the weather has been warm, but i can feel a hint of fall. i can tell that things are changing, that the summer days will soon be a sheer memory, and the beauty of autumn will be upon us soon up here in the northern hemisphere. i even have the obligatory change-of-seasons cold right now. so, today i’ve had some time to stay at home and try to rest a little. in the meantime, i’ve also worked on catching up with some things on my blogs.

but it feels like i have not connected with you all very much, at least not here on belovelive. i’ve been totally soaked up by my forty days of fika experience, which is going really well. and i’m loving every minute of it. but, i miss being here.i miss  posting my daily little musings and photos… you know just every day stuff.

so, i thought that today i’d share with you the things i’m loving about september so far:

beautiful weather.

DSC_0819 IMG_3347 DSC_0817

hanging out at home.

IMG_3272 IMG_3549 IMG_3552 IMG_3545


spending time in downtown asheville.

IMG_3288 IMG_3335 IMG_3618 3f6a827e11b911e3891a22000a9d0ec6_7 IMG_3520 38a90c7813f111e390d222000a9e0851_7

learning more about coffee.

IMG_3376 IMG_3578

attending a book reading & signing of a favorite author!

IMG_3584 IMG_3588



receiving snail mail from sweden and australia!

IMG_3353 49f067fa166311e3896422000a1fb003_7 IMG_3430

i most warmly welcome september this year, and my excitement grows every day as i get ready to celebrate my 39th year! it’s gonna be a great one! happy september, friends. enjoy the transitions and whatever moments come your way.

peace & love.

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