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i’ve spent the afternoon in a café. sipping on chai latte, watching people going by, listening to my march playlist, thinking about my place in this world. it’s gorgeous out today. the sky is a deep, deep blue. the sun is shining – and anytime the sun shines on sweden, it’s warm. i mean, it’s only 39 degrees (f) outside, but if you step into the sunshine, it warms you like no other place i’ve ever been. the sun is special here in sweden. and we who live here worship it.

as i sat and looked for jobs and wrote letters and watched people and wondered about my place in this city, in the world, i remembered that on this beautiful day we also are gifted with a full moon tonight. and to me, full moons are magical times. a time for something new to begin. a time for setting intentions, for making goals, for realizing that something new is waiting to be born.

of course, everything in nature reminds me of that right now. spring slowly, slowly draws closer and the days are becoming longer and brighter. people seem to be coming out of hibernation. and, when that great, bright, warm sunshine is in the sky, everyone turns their faces towards it, soaking up the rays and the energy. refilling their souls with a sense of hope and life.


and while the sunshine brightens my mood greatly, there is also a sense of quiet melancholy and seriousness within me right now. a sensing that things are changing. and an acceptance that things are beginning to settle down and i mean really, truly, beginning a new part of life. it’s not that i am sad at all. i am just aware. pensive. and i am letting things come and settle into my life. things that are good.  blessings. newness. i suppose you could say that i am “sitting with it all”. of course, that doesn’t mean that i am passively waiting + watching. no, there is a type of active waiting and trusting that is going on with me right now. i have my doubts and fears and anxieties, yes, but deep inside, i am calm. like a seed about to break forth from the cold winter’s ground. germinating. mysteriously active in unseen ways.

there is a song in my march playlist that i have played all afternoon as i sat here and pondered life. it’s perfect for this time right now. perfect for me. a perfect manifesto and prayer for this season of the year and the season of my life.

please, please click –> here or on the photo below to listen to the song and watch a video. and really hear what the words are saying. it is so beautiful. so true.

sara watkins

Sun is up, a new day is before you
Sun is up, wake your sleepy soul
Sun is up, hold on to what is yours
Take up your spade and break ground

Shake off your shoes,
Leave yesterday behind you
Shake off your shoes,
But forget not where youve been
Shake off your shoes,
Forgive and be forgiven
Take up your spade and break ground

Give thanks, for all that you’ve been given
Give thanks, for who you can become
Give thanks, for each moment and every crumb
Take up your spade and break ground
Break ground, break ground, break ground

happy weekend to you, dear friends! wishing you lots of love + light. i’m headed down to norrköping today with my love for the weekend – we are picking up all of our things that were shipped from the states + bringing them to our new apartment! we move in on sunday!!

onwards + upwards!

4 thoughts on “take up your spade

  1. I can feel a new life coming towards you, as well. What a change from your trip to NY only 10 months ago! Life changes so fast sometimes, we sometimes get caught up in the shards of the old without fully accepting the new. I have to remind myself of this all the time, too. But we are the best and creators of what lies ahead of us.
    How do you feel about picking up your shipped stuff after being in a new country for almost two months? Have you been able to live without it so far or did you miss a few things?

    1. I know! Everything is so very different in such a short amount of time. Not that I am settling in, I realize how fast this all was and I am having to let myself adjust to realizing that I am much more emotional about it than I thought I would be – not in a bad way or a good way. It is just is. And I need to let it be. It was so amazing to pick up our things! I missed pretty much everything. I needed a sense of home, and to finally make a move that included bringing stuff with us has meant so much to me. We have filled the apartment with things that tell the story of us, and give it an Asheville vibe. Blending and mixing. It feels really great. Thanks for asking!

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