ten on ten | march 2015

hi guys!! it’s ten on ten day again (woo hoo!) – yesterday was the 10th of march, and that means that i snapped 10ish different shots throughout my day, chronicling the beauty of the everyday. this ten on ten was pretty damn special, as lina and i have now moved into our new apartment!! yep. we moved a whole week early, and that’s why it’s been so silent here on the blog for the past 4-5 days. we’ve been super busy traveling to pick up all of our things, moving them up to uppsala, getting them in the apartment, doing some shopping, and unpacking + organizing everything.

oh, we’re not completely finished yet, but we’ve done a whole lot. and it feels so freaking amazing to have our stuff around us. and everything survived the journey across the atlantic. and, now we have brought some asheville vibes into our swedish apartment. it’s truly beginning to feel like home.

so, we’ve gone from the ten on ten in january, the day where we completely emptied our asheville apartment; to the ten on ten in february, where we made the best of our time in our empty, cold, weird, temporary apartment; to yesterday’s ten on ten, as we begin to create our new home in uppsala. it all just blows my mind. and i am so unbelievably grateful.

here’s a peek at what i was up to yesterday. lina was back at work in her office, and i spent most of the day unpacking and taking care of the apartment. basically, i had a great day! then, we enjoyed our first real cozy evening at home together. i have a feeling it’s going to be fantastic living here. more on the apartment + this past weekend in a few other posts. so, stay tuned + check back!

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happy hump day, friends! hope you are having a great week! sending you lots of love + light.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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