ten on ten | february 2015

seriously. last month when i did my ten on ten post (10 photos of my day on the 10th of every month), i was in asheville. in my apartment. hanging with some of the best people i know. one little month later, i am waking in a sparsely-filled student apartment in uppsala, drinking instant coffee for breakfast, walking through snow, riding a train, and spending the day in stockholm doing a photo shoot for a masseuse. in between these two days, i have lived at my brother’s house. driven to new york. flown to sweden. lived at lina’s parents’ house for two weeks. moved to uppsala. learned to walk on snow + ice again. watched my love begin working at her dream job. and started writing on my book as much as possible, in-between job searching + networking + putting me + my dreams  out there, hoping that the universe and i will make shit happen.

yep. my head is spinning.

but, oh, life is so freaking good.

here’s how a regular ole tuesday in sweden looks like  – according to my life. (ok, so it wasn’t so ordinary – i had that photo gig in stockholm, so i took the 30 minute train ride there in the morning and back in the evening, and in between, took photos of a masseur and her client – both of whom ended up being super inspiring, amazing people! however, i hope that this will totally become a regular, ordinary day in my life… cause it was amazing.

sunrise-uppsala 3-uppsala-train-station- 4-buddha 5-photo-shoot-

train-ride 6-train-station-uppsala 7-sunset-uppsaa 8-cathedral 9-dinner 10-bedtime

hope your week is going good, and that you are finding joy in your regular days too. lots of love + hugs to you. xx

onwards + upwards!

4 thoughts on “ten on ten | february 2015

  1. Sorry I wimped out on the 10 photoes. Saturdsy was easier! I even remembered it was that day.

    What a month you have had!

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