the beginnings of the endings.



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last night was the last friday night i worked with my teenagers. of course, my job continues until the middle of july, and i will keep working with my teenagers at 2 different camps & a few other things between now and the time my job ends, but the friday night meetings are now over – and that was my main contact with them. it felt surreal. i was aware of it the whole evening, but it didn’t feel real at the same time. still, it was a pretty big deal. and i felt the closing of a door. it feels different from when i left the church in canton (north carolina) 5 years ago. i had worked with those teenagers/kids/adults for 8 years, so it was crazy when i left there. i have only worked at this job for the past 2 years. still, it’s plenty of time to have established relationships and to know that both the teens and i will be affected by the ending of this time together. yep. i’m gonna miss them… they are crazy, fun, pretty awesome kids.

however, it’s time to move on. and with the ending of this job, comes another one. of course, i still have no idea what that job will be (a little freaky, yes). but, it is the beginning of a new adventure. new opportunities. new challenges, and therefore, new ways to grow.

so, i have officially entered the phase of the beginnings of the endings… the time where i am in the middle of soaking up everything around me and feeling moments of deep sadness, fear, & guilt; and at the same time feeling excitement, joy, & total impatience in waiting for the move. it’s a crazy, amazing time.


it feels even closer that i am nearing the end of my time here in sweden (for now), since we seem to have gotten a bit of summer weather here. it’s been sunny and warm, and gray and warm as well. yes, summer is on it’s way. times are changing, new adventures are right around the corner, and i am doing all that i can to be thankful and enjoy every single moment.



peace and love, dear friends.

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  1. Endings and beginnings are such emotional and unsure times. Memories are sweet things that can often carry us through transitions. I wish you much joy and excitement in your new adventures! And I’m glad that summer is on it’s way! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Lexie! i hope that your summer is the beginning of a beautiful journey for you. xo

  2. As much as I understand how it is to feel “at home” in your native country & wish to return to it, I also have developed a “universal traveller” feeling in me since moving to Australia. I think that it’s natural to want to go back, as you have good memories there, but I now feel I’ve found a better “fit” in Australia & am busy building my “new” memories in my new land.

    I wish you both a lot of fun, happiness, & adventure in the building of your own “new” memories- in your native land & in Lina’s “new” adopted one.

    1. To be honest, I’m not sure if there is any place where I actually fit. To me, it’s about knowing when it’s time to move on to a new adventure. And for us, the time is now, and the place just happens to be where we have lived before. It feels right and makes sense. We know that we have 4 years there, but we have no idea what adventures lay ahead after that!

      Thank you so much for your well wishes! xo

  3. Ahhh vilket läskigt ansikte i bakgrunden på en av bilderna!! Vem är det? 😮 😉 Och hon som dricker milkshake… Hon är lite konstig va? 😛

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