the fight.


my love is going back to the hospital today. it’s necessary and totally the right thing. that doesn’t make it any easier though. still, she is amazing. strong. and fearless even though she’s scared. but, she’ll make it. we’ll make it. and we’re blessed to have an amazing friend (who hopped on a plane from ireland yesterday) with us today, who will be staying with me until monday.

inside i’m shaking and my head is spinning as i prepare to leave my love at the hospital again.

love, prayers, good vibes, and positive energy for my love and for me are welcomed.

hug the ones you love. tight. peace.

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  1. Hi Liz, I’ll be thinking of you & Lina. Not knowing the story, all I can offer relates to a friend who was in similar circumstances. Finally understanding that our flaws are what make us special & unique (like snowflakes), was a helpful thought for her. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.

  2. Hey, it’s the week for hospital stays – my calendar failed to put that on there – had I known I’d have just stayed in bed all week! You’re both in my thoughts! I’m glad you have a friend there to support you. It’s also just as hard for the one who’s not in the hospital.

    1. katie, thank you so much for your comment. i can feel your love all the way from down under. xo

    1. thanks for the beautiful image of love and light. i felt a warmth when i read your words. xo

      1. I truly do wish you both much love and much light. Your capacity to live your truth inspires.

  3. Hi Liz,

    I wanted to offer to do a free Reiki universal life energy distance healing for Lina and another for you. Would that be okay? I was thinking of doing them this weekend, let me know if that is okay.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. Any healing energy and thoughts would be greatly appreciated, though I don’t know much about Reiki healing. 🙂 Could you explain a little to me? Thank you so much!

      Peace & love,

      1. Hi Liz,

        Reiki is a Japanese healing energy method. It is a hands on healing method but also a distance healing method. A definition for Reiki that I use is, God’s universal life force energy. I have taken the classes and am a Reiki Teacher of Reiki and of Karuna Reiki (the compassion Reiki).

        Some people feel nothing, in person or at a distance, when receiving Reiki, but some feel more. I feel warmth, tingling, and my muscles relaxing and that I am in less pain. Sometimes I feel as though my emotions are being healed as well. Usually I feel better over a number of days as the Reiki continues to work in me.

        It is not a religion, though it is spiritual. Many people of different religions use and practice Reiki, including Christians and Muslims. The basic tenets are peace in mind and peace in action, gratitude, devotion to work and others, and kindness.

        When I do a session for someone that is long-distance I usually do it for an hour. My sessions usually facilitate draining and healing. Reiki can continue to have an impact for several days after the session. Some people feel kind of like after a massage, kind of like a lot is being released and they feel not so good for a day or two and need to be gentle with themselves. Personally I feel energized and wide awake. I have trouble sleeping I am so awake and energized. Other people feel nothing.

        Here is a link to a frequently asked questions page about Reiki:

        Good and healing thoughts to you both.


  4. Lots of prayers and thoughts to both of you. Im glad a good friend is there to take care of you.


    1. it is tough. but, it is a step in the right direction. thank you so much for your thoughts, alarna. xo

  5. Having been in this challenging place with my eldest daughter, Liz, my heart and prayers are with you. Love, Blessings and light to both of you.

    1. i know that you understand, and it means a lot to know that. thank you for your prayers and blessings. it is so much appreciated. xo

  6. I also read this one in an e-mail. How is she doing now? Do you guys know how much longer she will be in the clinic? I hope she gains enough weight to be out again soon!

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