The future of belovelive

It’s my birthday! My blog birthday, that is. Today, belovelive turns 12! And that’s got me feeling all the nostalgic vibes; and, of course, also looking toward the future. What’s in store for my dear belovelive space?

Happy New Year, by the way. How’s 2023 unfolding for you? In my little corner of the world, I still seem to feel that this year is the beginning of a new era. And, while there are have been beautiful moments so far, there has been a lot of tough stuff – initiating the deep changes that I feel are happening, I suppose.

Anyway, the future of belovelive. What do I want to do with this space?

little ole me. 12 years ago when i started this space.

Way back in 2011, I created belovelive as a way to document my new life as an expat in Sweden. I wanted to share photos, thoughts, and my newly-married, everyday life with my loved ones “back home” in North Carolina. And, well, I’ve been documenting my life on the blog ever since.

Through all of these 12 years, I have also been discovering myself, sharing 12 years of adventures + grief + inspiration with my beloved wife, casting visions, finding my soul, becoming wiser, and settling into the rhythm of my simple, slow life in Sweden.

I suppose my feeling of the end of one era and the beginning of another during 2023 is quite appropriate because, looking to the future, I feel that belovelive, as it has been, is coming to an end. And I don’t really know what I envision for the journey ahead.

What I do know is that there is no way that I will stop documenting, photographing, writing, and sharing my life. It’s how I flow through my days.

To be honest, I thought about archiving the whole blog. Shutting it down. Not posting here anymore. I mean, I haven’t posted since December. And, I’ve been really kicking it up over on Substack. I’ve been inspired by it’s new, fresh, simple vibe. I’m slowly, but most definitely, creating a community there. And this space has begun to feel heavy, cluttered, full. So, it felt kind of right to just close this chapter. And move forward into something else.

But, then, I thought twice about saying goodbye to belovelive. I just can’t do it. So, for the near future at least, this space will remain. And, to celebrate my blog birthday + to create a new mood here, I have decided on a new design for the space that feels really stripped down and basic. No frills. No extra shit. Just simple photos + posts.

How I will use it remains to be seen, however.

As I said, how often and exactly what I want to document + write here is not yet determined. I mean, I’ve got Instagram for daily life stories and random photo posts. And I’ve got Substack for seasonal notes. It feels like documenting my life happens on Instagram and sharing seasonal reflections happens on Substack.

So, what do I want to use this space for? What does the future hold for belovelive?

I guess we will all just wait and see.

Thank you so much for being here. And, if you’ve been following me throughout the years, I am so humbled and grateful. Your presence and this space have been literally the place where I have grown older, wiser, and slower. You have helped me find my rhythm. I am so excited about journeying onward with you all, letting life continue to unfold one day at a time.

Talk to you soon, loves. xoxo. liz.

8 thoughts on “The future of belovelive

  1. Well, first, I’m very sorry to think about your blog not being here as I’ve enjoyed for at least most of the years you’ve had it and I don’t participate in Instagram. But I’ve been absent a lot from blogging and am noticing when I DO manage to go through the Reader that many of my faves don’t show up any more so I understand that things are shifting… I hope you keep posting some on FB so I can follow you as best I can.
    btw I recently gave a link to your articles on coffee shops in Asheville to a fellow who’s been blogging about restaurants there apparently for a while and he really liked it.

    1. I’m not going anywhere! 😁 I just needed to process everything and figure out how I wanted to blog right now. I am so very humbled that you’ve followed along with me for so long. It truly warms my soul. When everything else seems to be moving so quickly in the social media digital world, I’m getting back to basics, I suppose. A kind of rebellious act, I guess. 😘 So so cool that you shared my articles on Asheville coffee shops! That’s so fun!

  2. Liz, I feel like we’ve been on a wonderful parallel journey all these years. We too started our blog in 2011 to document our second trip around the world. By some quirk of fate we discovered each other (I think it was through our mutual love of Asheville, initially). And ever since we’ve kept up with each other. We too have slowed down our entries – yearning for more simplicity. So I can totally relate to how you’re feeling. Glad to see you back here. Now I’ll have to check out your other platforms. All the very best, Terri

    1. Oh yes! Definitely a parallel journey! It’s so crazy how time flies and how we can just flow in and out of each others’ digital lives. But, still always feeling that same connection. Oh, Asheville. It most definitely probably was Asheville that made our paths cross. And I’m so happy that it did. xo

  3. My dear Liz, reading your blog posts has been wonderful over the past 12 years. I am glad you have decited to still share your thoughts and photos. Through you I learn new things and get inspired. thank you. // G

    1. I’m so glad that you want me to continue and I’m so humbled by your comment, my dear friend. Love and hugs to you. ❤️

  4. Your blog is the only one that I have followed consistently over the years, and yes, I know I’m not that consistent about anything 🙂 I do love the space you’ve created here and I’m glad you’ll be keeping it!

    1. I am so very grateful for your faithful, consistent presence here. And I’m so very happy to hear that you love this space. More to come!! xo

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