the goddess in the sky: learning to love yourself


i just so happened to wake up really early the other day. from my bed, i could tell that was very bright in the living room. and i knew that there was no full moon giving off the cool, white glow that i saw from my bed. so, what was it?

i checked the time and saw that it was about 5:30 am. curiosity got the best of me and i crawled out of bed + stumbled over the the window. this is what i saw:sunrise dawn venus morning

a quarter moon (which looks full in this photo, due to my camera phone). and a bright star. a really, really bright star. it was gorgeous. breathtaking. and being the sky geek that i am, i suspected that it was not a star actually, but a planet. venus, i thought.

i gazed a bit longer and then quickly searched an astronomy website to see about early morning happenings in october. my suspicion was confirmed. it was the beautiful venus shining her light in the predawn sky.
sunrise dawn venus moon

venus, as many of us know, is named after the roman goddess by the same name. she’s the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, balance, equality. the planet venus is often known as earth’s twin. she’s the closest planet to earth, which is why she shines so brightly in the autumn sky. so, perhaps, if we dream and ponder a bit, we can feel that connection between the planet venus and ourselves.

what i found myself thinking about on this early dawn morning, as the sky brightened and a new day was beginning, was what venus could teach me.

with the planet venus glowing so very brightly, i felt as if she was reminding me  to do exactly the same thing. to glow. to let my light shine. to not only love those in my life as deeply as i can, but to also remember to love myself, letting my life be as bright and beautiful and inspiring as our sister planet.
dawn sunrise venus

as i often do, i found inspiration up in the heavens on this morning. i spent those dark, quiet moments just before sunrise standing alone at my window. and i felt empowered. empowered to live the life that i am called to. and to share with each of you the beauty of believing in ourselves.

venus, way up there in space, illuminates it all for us. even when we feel the most alone, the most challenged, the most confused, there is still love. there is always love. so, the best thing that we can do is to dig deep + discover that love within ourselves. to embrace our own lives and to love one another. no matter what we face, we have everything that we need. and, if no one understands the path that we are on, or the path that we have chosen, well then, too damn bad for them. our calling in life is to listen to and love ourselves + to embrace our inner goddess (or god). i believe that so very deeply.

and venus reminded me of just that.

morning sky venus quote

if you happen to wake up early over the next few days, look to the east. venus will be there shining brightly for you too.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

5 thoughts on “the goddess in the sky: learning to love yourself

  1. Liz, your blog is the only one that I read almost every day. Some days I get behind, but I usually catch up. This is why. These sorts of posts. 🙂 You captured the beautiful sky so well and I rather like that it looks like a full moon. 🙂

    1. How sweet are you to say that?! I am so very grateful that you find some peace and inspiration in my posts. That is all I could ever ask for! Love to you.

    1. I am so glad that you thought it was good. I can feel a sense of peace in your words. Love to yous.

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