the premiere.


summer weather has arrived in sweden!! and you know what that means, right?! yep. flip flops! my favorite shoes to wear (or not wear, since that’s part of the point for me. hehe.)

anyway… after our day of business & work was over, lina and i put on summer clothes, grabbed a blanket & books, and headed to a sunny, warm park. and i wore my flip flops to get there. yes!

oh how i looove summer weather!

peace out.

0 thoughts on “the premiere.

  1. Liz, sorry to just ramble and comment here, but I have just read all your abouts, your blog, your love and your pic of you and your wife. You are an utterly beautiful couple, lovely to stumble over you both!
    Great blog! Very very pretty.
    As for the post in hand, flip flops, my GF loves them so much she only discounts wearing them in December and January (and we live in the wet and windy UK!).
    Great blog, I will be back!

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and for all the kind words! I have visited your blog & looked around some… think I’ll enjoy checking back in! It’s always great to meet a fellow lesbian couple. Hehe! Hope you’ve had a great day! We’ll chat again soon!

  2. I love flip flops and summer weather also! You took a wonderful picture, it screams summer! I hope you and Lina had a great day at the park 🙂

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