The rise of the priestess and the energy of spring

The equinox has passed now, we’ve entered the season of the priestess, and the energy that I feel right inspires me to emerge from everything that has been. Not only to leave the dark, mystical hibernation of winter, but to also rise from a few years of deep, quiet, inner solitude.

Spring has sprung here in Sweden with longer days, a bit more sun, and the usual crazy, constantly changing weather. The seasonal shift is underway and I find myself in the middle of this magical portal of moving from the dreamy, dark mysticism of winter to spring’s calling to awaken my soul, stretch my roots, and begin to peek out and emerge from the earth. Dawn is approaching, rebirth is upon me, and it’s time to begin to think, once again, about how i shall live in this world.

This shift in the wheel of the year leads me into the season of the priestess. From the mystical, cosmic, mysterious, airy, dreamy energy of the winter to the grounded, earthy, community-focused, service-oriented, personal, artsy, creative energy of the priestess. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all of us are called to be a priest or priestess. But, what it means is that this is the season for wondering…how, then, shall I live? In other words, how can I emerge and live from my soul? In what ways can I serve + lead? What unique medicine + gifts do I have to offer?

As the earth awakens in the northern hemisphere and as I begin to feel more alert + alive, the priestess guides me to be wholly unto myself. To embrace all that I am, who I am. This is the time for stepping into my calling. To be sovereign + true to myself. To live fully in my own power. This time from the spring equinox and toward the easter season is a threshold moment to step into my soul’s calling, my divine birthright, my personal legend.

The priestess summons me to step forth. To decide what I want to take with me from winter + what to leave behind. This is the time to think through all that I have learned in the darkness of winter + the season of solitude, and to fold all of that into what I am called to step into as spring rises, nature awakes, and life begins again. It is the time for me to be re-birthed into my own priestess power.

As spring slowly unfolds around me, I find myself flowing with the energy of change. It’s almost like I am awakening from a long, deep inner journey that I didn’t really realize I was on. For the past 6 years, since we moved to Uppsala, I have been on an unplanned pilgrimage deep into my soul. I’ve reached deep down, anchored myself to the earth, and spent an enormous amount of time in solitude. It’s only now that I can see that this has been a journey inward to the center of my soul. Year after year of sinking slowly + deeply into the earth. Spending time in the dark, in my head, listening to my heart, pondering, learning, exploring, discovering and settling into the quiet places of my soul. It has been a magical time of understanding wisdom, magic, and medicine. Of letting go of caring what anyone else thinks about me to embracing my deep need for a slow, intentional, contemplative way of living… crossing the threshold of the ordinary world to the rhythm of my soul.

It has been a healing, soulful, mystical, solitary journey which has culminated in this extremely different pandemic year forcing me (and all of us) to stay home, to be alone more often, to reassess everything about life, to learn to live in uncertainty, and to face ourselves more than ever.

But, with this spring there has been a great shift. This is my season of emerging + rising – maybe more than I ever have before. This is my season of returning from the center of my soul. And, with that return, things must change. I am not the same. So much has happened in the past 6 years, but even more has happened in the past 12 months. And, as I begin this journey of rising + returning, it is only natural that things will change in my outer life as well.

So, Lina and I have made a bunch of decisions about how we want to live + what kinds of changes are right for our life right now.

This summer we will say goodbye to Uppsala. Our time here is up. We feel called to mix things up, try something new, and move forward. So, in July, we’re moving to Norrköping (still in Sweden). Where we lived for 3 years before we moved to the States when Lina studied. That means that I have also given my notice at work. At the end of the school year, I will be leaving and heading into the unknown. But, it feels so freeing, so right, so me. In fact, this entire decision feels so perfectly right for both me + Lina. As for Lina, she will continue working at her job, but working remotely from Norrköping. It is fucking amazing that her work is so open + willing to be so flexible!

The priestess season, the season between the spring equinox and the summer solstice is all about waking, emerging, rising, and stepping forth who we authentically are. So, shall we rise up, my friends, and greet this new day, this new birth, this new season with open arms?

xoxo. liz.

p.s. More about all of the new adventures to come as they unfold. I will absolutely do my best to document it all.

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  1. And I will absolutly do my best to follow along, read and watch and hopefully meet you again soon 🙂

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