The Spring Equinox calls us to reach high + ground down

Spring has crept up on me this year. How is it possible that it is already mid-late March? How did that happen? I’ve been basking in the winter season lately and really just letting things be as they are, so I seem to have missed the passage of time.

Usually, I find myself desperately yearning for spring to come… looking for any tiny little sign that warmer days are ahead. But, that’s been pretty impossible this winter, as it has been freaking frigid with snow on the ground since January. So, in embracing the seasons, I have literally accepted and enjoyed the weather each and every day. I truly have. Something magical happened in that I didn’t feel like I was in a hurry. I didn’t need to waste my time wishing the days away, but instead found comfort + satisfaction in each passing day, in letting time pass as it will.

It sounds ideal + lofty, I know. But, without meaning to, without trying to do anything, it just has unfolded that way for me. And for that I am so grateful.

Even in the bitter cold + frozen white ground that seems to never melt away, I have found the signs of spring quietly emerging as they do. Most notably, the sun is up when I get up at 5:45. And it’s still up when I get home + begin to make dinner. And that’s freaking the best I know. I looooove the dark months of winter. I truly do. But, by the time it starts to get lighter, I find that I am ready for the light and energy that spring brings.

Of course, birds are chirping, the sunshine feels warm on my skin, and the air is just different. Everything feels as if it is secretly, slowly moving about, just about to break forth. But, not quite yet. Know what I mean? It’s a long, slow, very intentional process. And for some reason this year, I am totally fine with letting it take its time.

Today, though, is the equinox. It’s one of the two days (the other is September 22) of pure, natural balance. It is the day of equal light + dark. Like a tiny little pause in the year, where we take a few deep breaths, and then shift into a new season. 

I can almost feel it. Can you? Pause. Breathe in. Feel the shift.

After today, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the days will become longer than the nights. And that is absolutely worthy of celebration in and of itself, right?! But, there can be much more to this day than just the shifting of the seasons. There are some very powerful symbols and themes that nature shares with us on this day – and I thought I’d share them with you.

The sun aligns to give us equal parts day + night, that’s true. But, in thinking of that magnificent, natural alignment, it is easy to see that today is also a day of oneness, balance, and equality. A reminder to me to seek to live life as our highest selves, to continue to evolve + grow; but to also always stay grounded + rooted in who we are, from our soul. And, in this desire to reach high to the cosmos and to also stay connected to the earth + to our deepest self, we just might find our true balance in life.

Balance is one of the most important things to me. (I’m also a Libra, if that means anything to you.). It is a key overarching, inspiring theme in my life. To live a life of equal parts solitude + community; of inner, mystical contemplation +  inspired action… well, that, is a bit of what life is all about to me.

So, on this spring equinox, I’m tapping into my deepest needs to bring a sense of balance to all that I do. Or to simply be more aware of it. In other words, I must ground down in order to fly high. I must stay rooted ( my word of the year) in order to continue to become my highest, truest, authentic self. Which is not really a self at all… but simply another part of the whole oneness of it all.

One of the ways that I create balance in my life is through my work. For so long I thought of my life as being split into two areas. That I had to choose this or that. That one thing was right and the other wasn’t. I struggled to see the balance, to recognize that there already is balance in how I live.

For example, I am this contemplative blogger/soul coach who loves nerding out on reading, writing, and all things spiritual/philosophical/theological. But I can get caught way up there in the air, in my head, flying around my lofty thoughts, beliefs, and visions. Pondering the deepest questions is part of who I am.

But, I also work. I get up, get dressed, and head out to work with young people who are trying to discover themselves, find their way, and sometimes just survive from day to day. There is absolutely no chit chat with them about these abstract, theological things. And that’s totally fine. Because putting my beliefs and thoughts to practice in real, everyday life, with real, everyday people is what it’s all about. There’s no point to ponder any deep shit if it isn’t connected to real life. Ultimately, contemplation always leads to action.

So, you see, I have been gifted the perfect opportunity for balance in my life – in what I do and who I am. It keeps my life slow, and yet, engaged. But it’s not just about what I do. If I don’t take that time to slow down, meditate, ponder, contemplate, then my actions are just empty actions.

Today is the perfect day to seek to bring a bit of that balance back into our lives. Mother Nature invites us to do that, especially on the equinox.

In order to practically bring some meaning + balance to this day + to my words on this spring equinox, it is important, I believe, to engage in rituals. Celebrations of remembrance that give magic + meaning to everyday life. And, with spring, we celebrate life, beginning again, renewal, and creation. So, why not practice a ritual that celebrates all of the possibilities just waiting for us? A ritual to help us balance the lofty thoughts + dreams we have by taking part in a simple mindful act of celebration.

I ran across this ritual* last night + I thought it would be the perfect little moment to help us prepare to welcome in the new energy of the spring.

What you need:

  • Assorted dried or fresh herbs (any will do, you can even use herbal tea)
  • Water Bowl
  • 1 Candle: white, yellow, green, brown, orange or red
  • Your favorite crystal
  • Pen and paper
  • Flowers

Find a quiet place to perform your ritual where you will not be disturbed. Outside works well for this.

Stand with your feet on the ground – yes, even if you have snow. Just ground yourself down for a minute. Let your body connect with the earth. Then, find a spot to sit comfortably. Inside or outside.

Holding your crystal, do a brief silent meditation to help clear your mind and calm your thoughts. Breathe deeply in and out 5 times.

Write down on your piece of paper what you want to manifest or create over the next month.

Arrange your flowers into a circle leaving one to the side for later.

Place the candle and the piece of paper inside the circle. Keep holding the crystal.

Say your manifestation aloud three times, then light the candle.

Take in the energy of your sacred space. Perhaps take a few deep breaths or meditate for a while longer.

When you feel ready, release your intention out into the Universe by picking up your spare flower and throwing it up into the air. As you throw your flower, feel your intention being lifted up into the Universe.

Leave your candle burning for as long as possible (don’t leave candle unattended).

If possible, place the flowers into a vase and keep them in your house.

Whenever you do a ritual, just follow your intuition. It will guide you. Just open yourself up to feel, experience, and let whatever comes, come. Rituals are meant to be simple + done by anyone, anywhere.

my moss agate palm stone: a crystal for growth, grounding, and new energies

my amethyst crystal: perfect for tapping into our highest self, intuition, the divine

Now, you have grounded down + reached up. Let the balance of Mother Nature fill you. Feel the balance of the entire planet right now. Feel the oneness, the alignment. And know, that even though energies are shifting, even though time is marching forward, even though things are changing, you are balanced. You are rooted. And you are ever growing… higher + deeper.

*Ritual found here. And, of course, I modified it. Hehe.

Happy Equinox, wild ones. xoxo. liz.

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