the tale of the perfect tree.

it’s late on wednesday night. everyone in the house is asleep except me. i’m tired, but i now i will most likely wake up at 3:30am once again. damn jet lag. so, if i can hold out just a little bit more, perhaps i will sleep a little longer in the morning…

so, to keep myself busy, i’m writing to y’all. and since we’re both here, i thought i’d tell you a story. a little tale about the adventure of the perfect tree.

tuesday was our first day in the states. after a long, lazy morning, we decided to head out with only one goal in mind: find the perfect christmas tree. but no already cut, standing outside the grocery store tree would do. nope. we simply had to get out into the mountains & find a tree farm to pick one out & cut it on our own. it was all about the experience and adventure. it wasn’t just about the destination or the goal, it was also about the crazy journey to get there.

we loaded up into my parents’ rv and headed north. we used the rv because it was the only thing big enough to hold the tree we knew we would find. a quick bite for lunch, and then it was all blue skies & sunshine as we drove on, keeping our eyes peeled for tree farms. ironically, we weren’t finding any. we knew they were there, but they seemed hidden & we seemed to be a bit lost. I did say adventure, right?!

finally, we came across a sign and some trees. however, no one was home. fail. then, we found another farm. beautiful trees, friendly pets, but no people and a disconnected phone number. fail. again. after giving up on our third farm, we saw one sign that looked promising. we followed the road until we saw the next sign, and found ourselves driving up a major mountain road = curvy, high, and only a few sheds & shacks along the way. where the heck were we going?! and would we survive?

at the top of the mountain, we realized that we had reached a working tree farm! a real business, with trees, buildings with cafes, and christmas decorations everywhere. it was called the North Pole. and it was on the top of the world, so the name was appropriate. they were about to close, but they gave us the full experience anyway… complete with a hayride, a view that never stopped, and our pick of some stunningly gorgeous trees. we were the on,y ones there (because who else would ever find this place?), and we sure did find THE PERFECT TREE.

our whole day perfect tree hunt was a success! and today, we put it up & decorated it! so, now, we’ve doubled our christmas-y spirit in the cabin.

take a peek at our adventures!

peace & christmas love.















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  1. Looks like it was the perfect day to go along with the perfect tree….some challenge, suspense, frustration and eventual success….beautiful sunny, blue skies, beautiful scenery and fresh air and family to share it all with…thanks for sharing with us…the tree is gorgeous btw… 🙂

    1. it was absolutely a tough challenge, but totally worth it. lots of memories to carry with me the rest of my life. does it get any better than that?! 🙂

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