24ish hours.

hey, folks! we made it! it’s a beautiful north carolina morning, we’re all rested (at least i feel that way right now. hehe.), and the adventures have already begun.

well, we left a beautiful, snowy Sweden behind and landed safely on southern soil last night. but before we left the nordic country, we had to take a sunday night tour of downtown stockholm… checking out the lights around town, having a yummy late dinner, & sleeping about 4-5 hours in a cozy hotel in the center of stockholm. thank you, eurobonus points.

up early, and at the airport by 6:30am with the snow coming down. after a fairly uneventful wait, we said goodbye to the snow and enjoyed a cozy 8 hour flight to newark, nj (outside New York City). no problems going through customs & passport control (you never know how that’s gonna go) and we were welcomed into my homeland!!

then, a bumpy, crazy, freaky plan ride south to charlotte, where we we spotted my parents excitedly waiting by baggage claim. YAY!!! one year is waaaay too long to be away from family. our bags came out on the conveyor belt, we grabbed them, grabbed some starbucks (heaven!), and bolted out the doors to breathe in the north carolina air… which was a little chilly, but not cold at all. i didn’t even need a jacket!

the ride home to my parents’ log home in the mountains seemed to take forever & seemed to last only 15 minutes all at the same time. we stopped & grabbed some necessities & then, we were home! my mom had decorated the house with christmas lights everywhere… so cozy & beautiful. after chatting, and unpacking, we fell into bed, having been up for 24 hours. snuggled under the covers, i felt calm, exhausted, and excited.

we finally made it. we are here. i’m home for christmas!









happy tuesday, world friends! (it is tuesday isn’t it?!) peace!

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  1. Skönt att resan gick bra och ni är framme. Njut nu ordentligt och ha en riktigt mysig och härlig jul och nyår! Kram Syrran

  2. So happy for the two of you. We’re just wrapping presents and getting ready ourselves for this year’s Christmas in Switzerland. I cannot wait.

    1. Been thinking about you spending time with your family… hope you are having a fabulous holiday!! Love you!

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