the unofficial official end of summer. at least for me.

well, here it is. the unofficial official end of summer… labor day weekend (celebrated in the states). it actually is meant to celebrate workers = those who labor, but it has morphed into one last summer fling celebrated with bbq’s, parades, beach/lake trips, and general outdoor fun. after this weekend, it’s back to business until the christmas holidays (with a short little fall break & then thanksgiving celebration in between). seeing as i’m in sweden, though, i am not celebrating labor day in any particular way. i think that i had my last summer shindig last weekend in stockholm, so i’m a week ahead of all you americans. hehe. and after our little stockholm trip, we ushered in the get-back-to-work season of fall with typical fall colds. yep. we’ve been sick. first lina, then me. we’re both at the end of our little goodbye summer colds now, and on our way back to being pepped & ready to conquer the world. but, we’re taking one more day just to make sure. so, i’m home today, with no plans in front of me. feels really good. well, i do have to get some things together for tomorrow…. back to work on sunday mornings! i’m a little freaked out about it too, actually. why? well, i’m reading scripture, which on the one hand is a fantastic thing! something i looove to do. on the other hand… well, let me just say this: i’m reading scripture in swedish (of course). gaaahhh!!!

anyway, as a farewell to summer.

happy weekend! peace.

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