the week that felt all over the place // 24

i don’t even know how to describe this past week. i mean, it feels like it was just a bunch of random, everyday stuff. and yet, it wasn’t just a bunch of random stuff. a lotta shit actually went down… globally + personally.

it all began with the horrible shooting in orlando. i obsessively followed the story all week long, finding myself extremely affected by it.

but, to combat that, i meditated extra hard.

i also needed the meditation to get me through work this week. while it was the first week without the students, we had three very long days of meetings all day, followed by two very physical days of moving all of us out of our current offices and into new offices (all in the same building) in the midst of a big renovation as well. it was chaotic.

so, again, my meditation time was super sacred for me this week. helping me to start the day calm + at peace, so that i’d be geared up to just go with the flow while i was at work. and, it worked pretty well, too. so that felt amazing.

i even crammed in a life coaching session with a new client, who lives in south africa, at the beginning of the week. after the session, i felt like i was flying. i looooove life coaching.

life coachcandle meditation

i also did as much outside stuff as humanly possible during the days that it felt like summer. like taking a walk during lunch – i split my week by having some lunches alone and some lunches with my co-workers. i am such a freaking introvert, which is fine by me. i’m just glad that i finally listen to my soul and don’t apologize for who i am anymore, or feel that i am a “boring” person. screw that. i try to balance it all out… being social and being introverted.

luckily, one night was quite warm, so my love and i had dinner in our backyard. it was pretty magical and wonderful, just sitting there together in the sun, remarking to each other every 5 minutes how much we love where we live.

now, if only the weather would return to summer that’d be much appreciated.

uppsala downtown bedroom dark home dinner backyard backyard home summer me hippie this weekend it has rained. like, non freaking stop. but, that makes for loads of time for watching the new season of orange is the new black (it rocks, as usual!) and blogging/writing/doing yoga. oh, and drinking wine, of course. *takes a sip*

before the weekend started, though, my love and i had a few errands to run on friday afternoon after i got off of work. my dear wife kinda sneakily made an eye doctor appointment for me (cause i’m a baby and can’t face up to it and do it myself), so i had to go get my eyes checked. but…. my eyesight is a smidge bit BETTER than my last check-up. wtf?! does that even happen?! well, whatevs… i’m pumped.

so, i ordered new glasses frames and contact lenses (it’s been  few years since i’ve used contacts. but, yay!!). now, i’m dyyyyying to get it all in about 2 weeks. plus, i’ve decided to go back to my natural blonde hair color. crazy shit happening here, huh?!

i think i’m in summer celebration mode.

after the eye doctor and errands, lina and i met my brother-in-law and our friend for a beer at a local bar. my brother-in-law and his wife are bad ass, and they left today to walk the el camino de santiago from france to spain… the trail to st. james cathedral. so, we met for a beer to say goodbye and wish them well. plus… weekend!

beer katalin family weekend home tv tree rain

home cozy weekend blogging home sunset uppsala

and, officially, my co-workers, who i totally love, are dropping off little by little to begin their vacations. therefore, i won’t have many people at the office with me for the next month before i leave for my vacation. and that makes me so very happy. i am super duper excited about planning and organizing before the new school year starts. so, it’ll be very chill and relaxed at work.

and my new office space is ahhhhmazing. i love it. and i’m sharing it with two fabulous dudes that i work with.

in any case, i’ve made it to the officially summer-feeling part of work. i’m on my own to use my time as i wish (= no meetings or students) from now until vacation in mid-july.

in the meantime, i only work TWO days next week because we have midsummer celebration national holidays (when lina and i are going to PARIS!) and i am getting my mondays back! no more working on mondays for me until the school year starts again.

so, all in all, i am feeling pumped. blessed. and so hopeful. plus…. S U M M E R!!

work moving officehere’s hoping that you had a good week, that you’ve made it through whatever challenges you may have faced, and that your weekend has been exactly what you’ve needed and/or wanted.

sending lots of light and love to you, dear ones. namaste.

xoxo. liz

9 thoughts on “the week that felt all over the place // 24

  1. Looks like you had a busy week! I felt all over the place too. I started “phase 1” of my 3,000 mile move, which was an adventure. Loving your summer-y pictures, and can’t wait to hear about the Paris trip!

    1. Oh my! Your big move has started! I know that the journey there will most definitely be an adventure in itself. Wishing you patience and peace along the way, I look forward to following along as you settle into your new life (in Alaska, right?).

      Thanks for your comment, and I am planning a Parisan post for next week after we return! 🙂

  2. Your enthusiasm is contagious! it’s raining here today too which is lovely as there are several things I want to do inside the house — and when the outside is sunny and bright, I like to be where the light is. 🙂 Enjoy your Monday off!

    1. Aren’t those rainy weekends just perfect every now and then? It is most definitely the perfect excuse to huddle down and get things done inside. I absolutely picture you writing and creating. 🙂 I hope that your weekend is shaping up beautifully. xx

  3. You really make me want to move to Sweden. Even though I’ve never been there, thanks to you, I feel like I have been. Your week does sound eventful and you’re right, you’re not a boring person. I feel that way a lot too. I wish I had managed to do a life coaching session with you. I’m sure you’re very good. I was just thinking as I looked over your blog and the way it looks, that you’ve been very good at coaching people on how to create nice looking blogs. I want to start blogging but I can’t seem to get a good look or feel for it. You take great photos which of course, makes it pleasant to the eyes. I don’t even know what subject I’d blog on, so you have so many good qualities!

    1. Tracy, I am totally about to do a post about a Summer Offer for free Life Coaching, so if you’d like to still plan a few sessions, I’d be more than happy to do that! Plus, I will be in Asheville for two weeks, so we can have a face to face one, too! It can be anything from life to faith to blogging tips! Just let me know!

      And, thanks so much for your sweet comment! Hope you re doing well. xoxo

      1. For some reason, I’m not getting notifications to your responses even though I check that option. I’ll message you on facebook soon or you’re welcome to message me. I’d love to do some sessions and a face to face one. I’d love to meet up with you and Lina if that’s possible. I feel like I know you well anyway. 🙂

  4. Our weeks were eerily similar: Lots of work, rain, OITNB, and wine on my end as well. And I can completely sympathize with your statement “i split my week by having some lunches alone and some lunches with my co-workers. i am such a freaking introvert, which is fine by me.” – I was nodding my head vigorously as I was reading it, because I am exactly the same!
    You packed a lot in your week, and I love how you live so authentically. Your life sounds busy, but very, very rewarding!
    Have a happy new week!

    1. Wow, Miriam, that is just wild that we experienced much of the same. However, there is a part of me that isn’t surprised at all. 🙂 There’s a spirit share between us, I think. You are so right, and kind, it has been busy, but the rewarding let makes it all worth it! Hope you have a great week, love. xx

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