the week that i declared the beginning of summer // 22

That’s right. I officially declare that summer 2016 has begun. 

But I don’t think I’m alone in this. 

Yes, we still have a couple of weeks until the summer solstice, the official official beginning of the natural summer season, but for all intents and purposes, I’m starting my summer celebrations now. Yep. Right freaking now. You’ll understand in just a minute when you check out my pics from this week. 

Ok. Let’s get started with some of the reasons I choose to start summer now… This past Monday the States celebrated the Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial official beginning of the vacation and fun in the sun season. People across the 50 states celebrated with parades, cookouts (or BBQs, depending on where you’re from), mini-vacations, picnics, and water fun at beaches and lakes. My love and I even had burgers and such to celebrate in our own little way in Sweden. 

Then, at work this week, things seriously started winding down. The graduates celebrated their graduation yesterday, and we’ve started the process of saying goodbye to the other students as well. Summer fever has set in, and I’m pretty sure that we all have summer brain = no concentration at all. 

Also, today is Sweden’s national day, and for me, it feels like it’s Sweden’s unofficial official summer kick off. Schools get out this week, people start vacations soon, and the nights are long and bright. Gotta love that Swedish summer light. 

Speaking of weather, it has been pretty much perfect + we even snuck in a little mini-vacation in Norrköping and a mind-blowing concert in Gothenburg this weekend. Oh, hell yeah. 

So, I’ve gathered all of my pics from this week right here. And with this post, I now declare: 

Summer is here!!


Happy National Sweden Day, everyone! And… lots of wishes for a beautiful, adventurous, relaxing summer (and winter!) to you all, starting right now! Let’s do this! 

xoxo. liz

4 thoughts on “the week that i declared the beginning of summer // 22

  1. Your pictures definitely made me think of summer, so I can see why you’re choosing to kick it off now! Memorial Day usually feels like the start of summer to me, but I’m a teacher so I never “officially” declare summer for myself until school is out. Only 11 more days!

    1. Hello Hannah! Thanks for your comment! I totally get your teacher declaration… I work at a school today, and the students have their last day tomorrow. But, with all of the weather here and fun activities, I just had to go with the summer-y feelings that were already creeping up!

      Good luck with the rest of the year! What do you teach?! 🙂

  2. Hells yeah, this is how you celebrate the beginning of summer in style!
    The weather here has been spectacular as well, and we are all summer ready!

    1. I’ve been drooling over your greenery and flowers for weeks… it looks just heavenly at your place!! Yay to summer!

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