The week that I started embodying me


It’s still January and I feel like the lessons just keep coming. It’s not that I am having any great revelations or anything. No major insights or world-changing, mind-blowing moments of clarification have occurred. And, yet, something is happening. I feel it. The lessons that I am receiving are all about acceptance – about coming into my own. You’re gonna get sick of me saying this, but it really is all about me embodying me. What I mean, is, I am getting it. I am doing it. I am being it. I am beginning to absolutely, deeply, fully discover how to live my soul. How to live me.

Wanna know a secret? It doesn’t look all crazy, wild, and exotic. Well, it can. But, it doesn’t have to. In reality, it is regular life lived in a more grounded, authentic way. It it knowing that you have beliefs + understandings that you don’t only think about, write about, dream about, and focus on. You live them. You embody them. You become them.

And even though this is a way of living, it is also a very internal thing. I don’t think anyone can see or feel the shift inside of me. No, I’m sure that it’s something that I experience on my own, in the midst of my everyday life. But, over time, I am sure that it seeps out into public view. That others see, feel, and experience the changes in me. I mean, embodying literally means to give a body to (a spirit), to incarnate. But, I couldn’t really even care less about that.

This is about me embodying my truth. Finding my voice. Living my soul. It is about not just stating my truth, but living it. It’s about letting all that I am and all that I do rise from my soul + shine out into my life. For all, or none, to see. For all, or none, to understand or accept or agree with. It’s about understanding that when I live from my soul, when I embody me, then I will be sharing with the universe exactly what I was put on this earth to share.

As I said, right now I feel like I am just discovering that I am beginning to live my truth. That I have made the move from learning, soaking, and meditating to contemplating, applying, and living. But all of the years of quiet internal exploration were necessary; because, in order to live my soul, I have to know my soul.

I have to know who I am, how I work, my gifts, the medicine I need, the way I connect to the divine, how to ground down, who my spiritual mentors + guides are, what kind of life is important to me, my truths + my one vision for all of life. I have to know my worth, my divinity, my magic, my wisdom.

That’s what I’ve been discovering for years + years + years. That’s the spiritual journey of seeking that I have been walking. And, I feel like, because of this journey, I have found my deepest core. Now, listen to me… in no way do I mean that I have found my inner self and that’s it. Amen. The end. I’m enlightened. I’m a guru. I’m done. So be it.

I have been on a very long inward journey, yes. And it has led me to the center of myself, yes. But, that does not mean that I am finished. That all I have to do is simply teach my ways now. It’s the complete opposite, actually. Now, I begin another journey. I begin a new pilgrimage. I continue to learn, grow, expand, ground, and uncover new layers of me. I continue to discover how I am to live my life – true to my soul + aligned with the greater good. I learn what it is to start embodying unique, divine, wise, soulful me. To put into practice the values, truths, and beliefs that are at the core of my soul.

This week, mixed in with regular old life, I began to feel + experience my process of embodying. I began to recognize that as I walked to work, as I laughed with friends, as I soaked in the winter weather, as I listened to the incomparable Jesse Jackson, as I dove deep into my slow living. I realized that, in all of this, I am embodying my truth. And, it inspired me to think + dream about more ways that I can find my own voice. Ways that I can step away from social media voices, spiritual voices, and cultural voices who have all inspired me, but have begun to constrain + cover up my own voice.

With this year, with this desire to embody my soul, it is time for me to step up + into my own soul; to speak + live my truth. When I say “embodying me” that is literally what I mean, I mean becoming, living, and stepping into who I am: magic, power, ideas, wisdom, creativity included.

Of course, I have no idea where this is leading me. But, I am certain that this new journey has already begun. Right in the middle of everyday life. It is me learning to write more, create more, express more – both here on the blog, in my newsletters, on social media, in my work as a mentor with young adults, and as a spiritual coach.

The lessons of this year so far have much to do with moving into a phase. An obvious theme for a new year, I know. But, I just feel the energy so strongly. So intensely. What about you? How are you experiencing this year so far? What feelings or thought have been rising up from with you as we move deeper into January?

It’s all still fresh, I know. But, let’s allow it to take its time. No need to rush into the new year. It’s much better to keep it slow, I think. To allow our souls + minds to catch up. To allow our selves a chance to adjust, re-balance, and settle into the energy that surrounds us. Just keep breathing, you guys. Whether you are seeking who you are or seeking how to live out who you are, trust the process. Trust where you are right now.

love to you. liz. xoxo.

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