The year’s first full moon: What’s holding you back?

Two weeks in and things are perhaps beginning to settle a bit. And with that settling comes… fear.

It may even be that some of us have that “Oh shit. What have I done?” feeling.

You know, in the beginning of a new year, we feel like we can take on the world + change everything in our lives that needs to be change. That we have superhuman powers + nothing can stop us. And so we make decisions. Big decisions. That lead to big changes. Or, if we don’t make big decisions, we sit right on the verge of making them. Feeling all empowered + ready to leap…

“But, wait!” We then think. “What have I done? Am I crazy? There’s no way I can do this! I am too scared. Maybe I’ll hold off a bit longer. Now is not the time. The time isn’t right. Better just be patient and wait until I am really ready. ”

What all of these thoughts are really saying is:

I am not good enough.
I am not worth it.
I do not deserve the life that I really way.
And it’s not really possible to live life to the fullest.
I should stay with security + what I already know.
I am weird + different.
What if people don’t like me?

And, ultimately, all this is, is fear. Fear of moving out of the so-called places we are supposed to live in. Of leaving behind roles that we think we must play. Of letting go of the expectations we think we must live up to. Of breaking free from societal norms that we assume we are supposed to follow.

And yet, our souls whisper to us. Our hearts beat for adventure, mystery, aliveness, freedom. We crave the amazing. We yearn for the rapture of bliss.

We want it.

And, right now, under this bright full moon (whether we see the moon or not) the truth of what we really, really want just may be illuminated.

We are not the same person this year as we were last year. We know who we are + what we want even more. We have learned so much + grown so much. (I mean… 2016, right?) So, it’s time to stop sabotaging ourselves… because we are meant to live the life that we really want.

It’s time to put away all of those thoughts and all of that fear. It’s time to feel all that we feel – all of those freaked out feelings that lead to f*cked up thoughts – and then push through. Let go. Surrender. Leap. 

Look at the moon. She never gives up. Oh, she changes and transforms and waxes + wanes. But, she is always there. So is your soul. So is your destiny. So is that passion that calls to you to drop everything and live the most authentic, beautiful life that you can. And, like the moon, you change. And transform. And wax + wane. But, who you are + who what deeply dream of creating is always present with you.


The only thing left to do is to tap into all of those feelings of empowerment, possibility, faith, and trust that you had in the beginning of the year. Trust in your intuition. Trust in your dreams. Trust in the whispers in your heart. Trust those incredible, amazing moments of insight + possibility that swirled all around you as you entered 2017.

My friends, the only thing left to do is to be brave, be bad ass, and be true to who you are. And to shine as bright as the moon.

Basically… just focus + leap.

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “The year’s first full moon: What’s holding you back?

  1. I love the phrase “our souls whisper to us.” I am also so in love with this post about facing fears and being honest with ourselves about why we don’t follow through on our intentions and how we justify not living the life we’re meant to. My goal for this year is to be committed to being aware of those moments when my fear starts creating a story; or to put it another way, when my emotional reaction feeds my fear which begins justifying a narrative about how I can’t/shouldn’t do what my soul is telling me to do. Basically, getting rid of those “fucked up thoughts.” ‘Cause I need to remember that they’re just thoughts and opinions and they’re not even real. So thank you for this post and for a very timely reinforcement for me, personally. Love and gratitude. xoxo

    1. Listening to our souls… a lifelong practice, right? Strength and courage and love to you, my friend. xx

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