These Sunday vibes got me all excited about 2021: 10 days of intention. Day 3.

There’s nothing like a slow Sunday. And, even though I still have a week of holiday vacation before I had back to work, I am soaking up every second of this Sunday as if I had to show up tomorrow. But, I don’t. Gaaaaah. That’s so freaking amazing. And, like every other day during these three weeks off, I had no plans for today + have no plans at all for the rest of the week. That means that I can take it as slow as I want + be as spontaneous as I feel in any given moment. And that’s the perfect balance, I think.

My morning started off cozy + slow, snuggled on the couch sipping coffee + reading Obama’s book. But, then came the spontaneous part.

Today’s big activity was leaving the neighborhood! So, yeah, Lina and I seriously have simply been at home this entire holiday season. It’s like every day has been Sunday. And I am not complaining one bit. Sure, we’ve had some walks + strolls in the neighborhood. We’ve ventured out to the grocery store. And even had a little road trip day of just driving through the countryside on the one day we had sunshine since mid-November. But, we haven’t been downtown. Until today…

My love started craving candy at a specific candy + video store. That’s right. A video store. Like the old Blockbusters. I think they still have videos to rent, but I’m not sure. And it doesn’t really matter. It’s mainly a place people go to stock up on loose candy by the kilo, cheap bags of chips, and cans of cold sodas. Anyway, Lina hasn’t had candy since last year sometime, but today she decided that she couldn’t wait any longer. We checked online and Sunday is one of the days that is the least busy…. so, we bundled up + headed out for a walk toward downtown.

It felt crazy, wild, and so good. Just to be out + about with my love. I must admit, as we made it downtown + passed by the sparsely visited caf├ęs, I so wanted to go in + grab a coffee. But, I resisted the temptation. We’re not at all ready for that yet – feeling that it’s not the most responsible thing to do.

So, we wandered on toward the candy store. Once there, I stayed outside, so as to minimize the amount of people inside. Turns out, Lina was the only one there – which was so awesome actually. I used my time outside, snapping photos and just looking around at all of the familiar sights… wondering when the last time I was downtown + soaking up the atmosphere.

I saw the university library, the cathedral (oh! the cathedral! how I want to visit + sit in her majestic + sacred sanctuary whenever it opens again), and a local pub that is a favorite of ours. I noticed the details of the old European buildings, dreamed about grabbing a take away cappuccino from a tiny little coffee shop that I absolutely adore, and window-shopped at a few other cute boutiques. Everything was closed – some just for Sunday, some for the time being during the pandemic, and some, sadly, for good.

With candy in hand, Lina +I then walked back home. We didn’t duck into any other store or visit any other place. But, that was just fine with me.All of this wandering through downtown felt so good. It was all I needed. A chance to feeling the vibes of regular life. Knowing + hoping that one day soon we will be able to spontaneously stop in wherever, whenever we want.

Once we got home, we hopped in the car + drove to grab some groceries. Back at home, I warmed up a little and then prepared some food. I think for the rest of this Sunday I’ll just soak up the feeling of freedom + excitement that I felt just being out + about, feeling a tiny semblance of what life was like before.

You know, I am a truly homebody at heart. So, being at home so much for the past year has not been a super problem for me. But, today, with all of the new energy of a new year swirling around me, I seemed to feel something come alive in me as I wandered the streets of downtown. My intuition seems to be guiding me in staying open to the energy + vibes of this year – vibes that are calling me to a much more active 2021.

And, while I live a slow, intentional, intuitive life… that doesn’t mean that it’s not active. I think that perhaps one thing that I have learned through the years, is to create space for a life that is lived slowly, rhythmically, and in alignment with nature, while also maintaining that intentional, slow rhythm even in the midst of an active, busy, everyday life. Somehow, I think that I have fused these two yin/yang energies into a balanced way of living, into knowing that even when I am out + about, walking through downtown or doing whatever, my slow soul is always guiding + leading me to be mindful, aware, and present. It is just my way of being. And, who knows? Perhaps a pandemic year has perfected a balanced way of being even more real.

Ahhhh… what a Sunday. I feel deeply satisfied + greatly inspired. (Though I haven’t done that home blessing I talked about yet. Maybe tomorrow?) What more could a girl ask of holiday weekend? Slow Sunday vibes to you all. xoxo. liz.

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