Things are changing + I am celebrating 8 years on belovelive

Hello, friends. And welcome to my own little celebration for Monday, April 1, I will have been blogging + writing + creating + documenting in this space for 8 crazy amazing years. I cannot believe how long I have had this space. It feels like it is the manifestation of my soul.

Speaking of my soul, it just so happens that I am also coming of a crazy amazing month that has shifted + guided me into making a few very strong declarations and decisions about my soul calling + my way forward. Declarations + decisions that are liberating + inspiring me.

Unintentionally, last weekend, as I was writing in my journal and releasing some old ways, my love + I also started talking about my website/blog. We soon found ourselves discussing ways that I could change it up to reflect this inward shift that I have been going through. And before we knew it, we started tweaking + planning + creating.

We took it slow and did some planning, then we let it all sit + simmer for a week. Then, this weekend, Lina sat down + made it all a reality. Holy crap it’s awesome to be married to a UX/UI designer.

Now, things aren’t totally finished yet. But, it’s definitely on it’s way. For once, I realize that there is no need for some stressful, self-imposed deadline. I have consciously decided to let my website unfold. This process is meant to be as meaningful and slow as the rest of my life.

So, take a look around + see what you think. And, welcome to a whole new redesigned belovelive!

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “Things are changing + I am celebrating 8 years on belovelive

  1. Happy 8 incredible fricking years! I’m OBSESSED with the new look of your blog. So, so good! I will be watching for all the big and small changes to slowly unfold!

    1. oh i’m soooo excited that you like it!! and i’m even more excited that we celebrate our blogaversaries within 1-2 weeks of each other! love you, girl. xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’m so excited for you. What a great new way of expressing yourself with the changes. I love it. My blog anniversary was recently too. Great minds think alike and spring is a great time to create a blog, I think.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous .


    1. thank you, kate! and congratulations to yous too!! i’m so grateful for the blog world… for a chance to connect with people and express myself in my own unique ways. lots of love to yous. xoxo

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