Celebrating Litha, Light, + Love: Feeling all those midsummer feels

Happy Midsummer, my fellow northern hemisphere-ians! We’re at the apex of the season of light. Ready to bask in season of carefree days of love + laughter. And starting it all off by celebrating Litha, a.k.a. the summer solstice. In other words… it’s time for those summer vibes!

Are you feeling it?

And, of course, hello to all of my southern hemisphere friends too, as you cozy up with your winters down under (Are you all offended by the phrase “down under”? I just realized that I don’t know. What if I’m offending you? Please, let me know!)

Anyway, to be honest, it feels like I celebrated summer in May, when it was jaw-dropping gorgeous up here in Sweden. June has not been, shall I say, quite as lovely weather-wise. A bit of sun, mixed in with tons of chilly days, lots of wind, some (much-needed) rain and super autumn-y vibes… just as we have a 4 day weekend to celebrate midsummer.

But, nevermind that! I dove head first into celebrating a cozy, dark, candle-filled solstice anyway. I mean, just because I can’t see the sun doesn’t mean that she’s not there being all powerful + warm + life-giving.

So, Litha, that is the name of the pagan celebration of the summer solstice. And, since I live in a country that celebrates midsummer (we don’t call it Litha, but I like that name as well) with ancient pagan traditions, I thought I’d use the pagan name. In any case, it is the high point of the season of light. The longest day of the year. A day of fires, food, family, traditions, and ancient mystical meaning.

For me, this midsummer is quiet + simple. And that feels oh so right. The weather, as I said, is not cooperating. Or… is it?

I sent out a newsletter today with my reflections on this year’s summer solstice. You can read all of my thoughts here. But, the jist of it is this: A chilly, gray Litha has given me a deeper perspective of this season of light in relation to the cycle of the seasons. That there is no light without the dark, and vice versa. It’s all one big, beautiful, magical cosmic dance of unity.

So, even as I am not celebrating this midsummer by swimming or bbq-ing outside… even as the rain falls down + the winds howl like autumn winds… even as I’m covered in blankets + sipping on tea… I feel a sense of divine peace. I feel as if I am a part of the cycles of nature, allowing whatever comes to come. Knowing that there is beauty in it all.

And, isn’t that what’s really important? To know + accept + embrace the nows, as they show up; instead of wishing away our time, always hoping for what comes next. 

In celebrating Litha, midsummer, this year, I am acknowledging + celebrating the power of the present.

And, you know, as I type this on Midsummer’s Eve, there are just a few very teeny tiny breaks in the clouds above. Who knows, we may have some sunshine this Litha weekend after all.

However, those summer vibes that we all long for… the light, love, and carefree spirit of the season… ultimately they do not depend on the weather.

Sure, it’s amazing to bask in the sun, to float in the water, to lay on the sand, to wander through the forest. But, that feeling of having a magical connection with the world around us can be made every single day, rain or shine. Snow or sun. It’s all about being mindful + aware of where we are. Of seeing + discovering the beauty in every little thing.

All we have to do is wake up. Get out. Wander. Explore. Touch. Connect. Slow down. Listen. Observe. Feel.

And no matter what we see in the sky, the sun will always be there, shining. These are the longest, brightest days of the year. It is the time to celebrate life + energy + light + growth.

So, dig deep + set your soul free. Radiate those summer vibes wherever you go this weekend… create light + sun + warmth all around you. And bask in those beautiful, relaxing, inspiring summer vibes!


Midsummer blessings! xoxo. liz.


* feature image: a liz+lina collaboration


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Litha, Light, + Love: Feeling all those midsummer feels

  1. We are in the north right now and we enjoyed 10:00 p.m. sunsets the past two nights. It doesn’t help that I keep waking up in the night in panic and horror at the plight of the children separated from their parents at the border. I have no idea how to hold on to the beauty and the horror at the same time.

    1. Oh, Amy. The balance is tough. I keep trying to write about it all, but I cannot form words and sentences. So all I do is meditate. I feel as if I’m not raising my voice, but I just can’t make words, I’m too into my emotions and inability to understand. Hugs to you. xo

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