this is only the beginning…

a few days ago i received a comment from someone who works at InterNations, a website dedicated to connecting & providing information for ex-pats (people who live in countries other than their country of origin) living in over 300 cities worldwide. of course i read the comment with skepticism, and checked out the website only to find out it was actually legit. but, the really cool thing was that they were interested in featuring my blog on their website. or at least that’s what the comment said. what?! ummm… yes, thank you!

so, i replied to the comment in an email, to get more information, and see if this was truly real or some kind of scam. turns out they really did want to feature my blog on their website so  i needed to do a little interview, do a little writing, send some links to my blog, and then wait to see what might happen… that was yesterday.

this morning i received another email informing me that my blog is now one of the featured blogs at InterNations! you can find it here. (or click on the picture).

i am so excited! as i’ve been writing this post i have received 3 new followers on twitter and a retweet by the website. i seriously love making new connections all around the world. i’m so inspired when i read others’ stories; and in turn, it motivates me to write more & more. i’ve got a little secret to confess… i am truly beginning to dream about writing full-time. what a life that would be… i know it’s tough and i have no idea how to even begin, but my soul is saying for me to follow that dream. and hopefully, i am at the beginning of making that dream a reality.

now. what comes next? any tips & suggestions are more than welcome.

one little tidbit of inspiration for all of you out there… follow your dreams, listen to your soul, connect with yourself. when you do, you’ll be amazed at how things open up for you. the universe is just waiting to give you all you desire. be brave & be true to yourself. no matter the consequences.

happy friday! peace.

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  1. Hello there, Liz

    May I be as so bold as to suggest that you get yourself on LinkedIn (if you have not already), that could be the path to meet people who are interested in launching your career as a published writer.

    Congrats on the extra promotion though, the more links you have scattered around the more likely you are to be noticed 🙂


    1. Hello, Adrian.

      Thank you so much for the suggestion. I went right over and got hooked up with LinkedIn… hopefully it will lead to some new connections. I am hoping that just being more visible will lead to more & more opportunities and visibility. I appreciate the support & advice!


  2. Hey I have now checked the page out as well. Great platform and what an honour to be asked if they can feature your blog! I hope it opens a few doors for you. If it’s not to be a writer then just the doors to other peoples stories and expieriences. Again well done! Oh and about the how to become a fulltime writer. Get your self a wealthy partner aka Lina has to be your rich bitch (no offense) and then you can wiggle on with that paper and pen 😉 no on a more serious note. You’ll get there one day. I know it! You’re an amazing writer, an inspiration to many people. You’ll find a platform to spread the word.

    1. thanks for you support, nicole! i know, right? i need a rich bitch. problem is, lina wants to write music & sing little gigs in pubs and such, and we both want to travel all the time, so we’re both in need of a rich bitch. or the lottery. or something. it’s good to have dreams, though. and who knows, one day we may just be living our dreams… so many of mine have already come true. why not the rest?! 🙂

  3. I would love to turn writing into a job but am also clueless as to how to do it! Ouch! Congrats on your success of having your blog hosted on InterNations. It looks great on there!!!

    1. thanks, laura. i know… i want to write full-time so badly. but, you’re doing an awesome job with your photography! yay! xo

  4. Congrats! That is really an honour, and you never know what it could start to lead to (one of these crazy life journeys!)

    Hope you get to write full-time one day. I absolutely love reading all your posts! By the way, I don’t know if it’s of any use, but an old work colleague of mine seems to be fairly close to getting a novel published by writing on this website: and then plugging the book he wrote on this website:

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