’tis the season for carrying on old christmas traditions + creating new ones

i seriously love heading out of town and going on a little christmas tree hunting adventure. it’s something that my family started as a tradition sometime when i was teenager. and we always, always went the friday or saturday after thanksgiving. rain or shine. it’s such a simple, meaningful thing to me. such an authentic way to find the perfect tree for our home that year – cause you know, we just feel it. it’s also an excuse to get out in the middle of nature, and, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s a chance to support a small, local  business awhile having fun. plus, the memories i have are absolutely priceless.

haywood county mountains

in the years that i’ve been with lina, i’ve shared this experience with her here in the mountains of north carolina only once, i think. except for today, today makes the second time we’ve been on a mountain christmas tree hunt – we have celebrated christmas in sweden for many years, taking part in those traditions + walking to pick out and buy our trees in a neighborhood tree lot (still cozy + fun).

now let me tell you… north carolina is famous for its christmas tree farms, so it can be a daunting task. hehe. however, we chose to make things pretty simple this year. we would still drive away from asheville, but instead of heading to some crazy unknown tree farm, we headed to the farm that i went to with my parents when i was growing up, i have tons of memories here, so to be honest, i wasn’t super excited about it. but, as soon as i hit the highway and we headed west, i began to feel a bit better. as i climbed the mountain and the curvy roads leading to the nesbitt farm, i felt at home. and i was glad to be able to share with with my love.

well, it was a gorgeous (understatement!) day and we did find the perfect tree. a nice man there helped to carry it and bale it up, so we could squeeze it in our car. i saw the owner of the tree farm, and we greeted each other briefly, reconnecting after years of christmas seasons.

lina and i drove home, crammed the tree in the elevator with us, and then got it in the apartment and up in the stand. we also got the lights + decorations up on it, and then celebrated our beautiful perfect christmas tree for 2014 with a toast of wine in our holiday glasses. now, all that’s left is a little shopping for some presents… and lots and lots of cozy mornings + nights sitting by the tree.


xmas trees

xmas trees

me ego

xmas trees

xmas trees my love

me and my love-1

xmas trees me ego

xmas trees home asheville

xmas trees home asheville lights

xmas trees home asheville lights

xmas trees home asheville lights

xmas trees home asheville lights

oh, how i love this season! so, when do you get your tree? or have you already decorated?!

light + love

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  1. What a fun day and a great adventure — finding the right tree! We have an artificial tree, but I just may move some furniture around and make room for a real one this year. I love the smell!

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