today i will oppose nothing

Opposing nothing, in my opinion, is basically acceptance, surrender, allowing, equalizing. It’s letting things be as they are.

Easier said than done, right? Especially when there is so much to oppose. And, on the day that I came across this mantra, I had a big, long list of things to oppose, starting from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning.

First of all, it was Monday, for God’s sake. But, as if that wasn’t enough. It was rainy. And windy. And, looking at the temperature on my weather app…it was cold. Plus, it was dark out. Soooo not the most motivating greeting to the day.

And then, there was work. I had to go. Instead of staying all snuggly, enjoying endless cups coffee in my bed all morning.

Oh, and, my mom was having surgery. Of course, I’m way up here in Sweden + she’s in North Carolina. So, it sucks to not be able to be there.

I’ve got more. Shall I go on?

No? Well, believe me, it was poor me on that rainy, cold, dark Monday morning and I had a long list of a crapload of things to oppose.

But, I did get up (read: I had no choice. Work, you know). And I did make my cup of coffee, lay out my favorite meditation blanket, light a candle, and sit on the floor. I got up + showed up. And, so did the magic in the universe. You see, the meditation that I just happened to randomly choose + click on started like this.

“The mantra we will focus on is: ‘Today I will oppose nothing.”

So, I said, “Ok, Universe.” Challenge accepted.

Because I had a choice. As we all do. A choice as to how I wanted to create my day. And what kind of energy I wanted to drag around with me all day long.

So I chose non-opposition. Or, acceptance. I chose to let it be. To oppose nothing.

And, oh my god, how amazing it was.

My 15 minute walk in the rain stretched on for somewhere between 20 + 25 minutes. Why?! Because the rain and cold and puddles and everything was so beautiful. I literally stopped and took photos all along the way. I observed all of the many varying umbrellas that everyone wore. I marveled at the rain glistening on the trees. And I just enjoyed watching everyone out + about, making their way to work or school or whatever they were on their way to do. I even splashed in a few puddles. And it wassail beautiful because I accepted it. And, in accepting it, that’s how on a dreary Monday morning I found beauty.

Inspired, I approached my day at work the same way. I hung up my jacket and told myself, “Whatever comes my way, I will accept it.” I sat down in my chair + flipped on my computer and said, “I will embrace the moment, move through it, and find the beauty.” And, I did, you guys.

rain me puddle

I felt calm and motivated. I plugged through some paperwork, made some plans for meetings, sipped on coffee, and chatted with my co-workers. And, then late in the morning, I had one of my greatest lessons with my “seniors”. The rest of the day, I continued being productive while I sat at my desk, only leaving to take care of a few students during a few different times. And, desk work was sooooo what I needed. I’ve been dying to sit and just power through some administrative stuff that I haven’t had the time to do. But, I created that space for myself, even saying no a few times to some people, making boundaries, and doing what I needed to do.

You see, I think that in refusing to oppose, I created positivity.

It was like an aura of acceptance and serenity was swirling around me. I didn’t feel any need to fight back against anything. And, in choosing to accept and allow, in making that my mantra + my focus, I let go of any need of control. There was no space for negativity, so I approached every moment as it was… thereby, seeing beauty in every little thing I did.

And suddenly everything became possible.

I suppose that it’s akin to the Buddhist belief in non-attachment. Or perhaps it’s just my Buddhist-agreeing tendencies. What do you think? Can we really oppose nothing + accept everything? Does that mean that we are passive + weak? It sure felt good for one day. And I’m thinking that I am truly going to try to cultivate it in my life. I just can’t shake that incredible feeling of positivity and freedom. It made me feel invincible, and so present.

Try it out one day, if you’d like. I mean, it can’t hurt. I promise. And, until next time, my friends, stay positive and seek out freedom in whatever way your soul calls to you.

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “today i will oppose nothing

  1. I like this idea a lot, but I’m confused by something in the next to last paragraph. You asked if we could oppose everything. Did you intend to say it that way, or did you intend to say “can we oppose nothing?”

    1. Haha! Fantastic thought! I suppose what I did not oppose is what I knew I needed to do. I needed to get work done at my desk, and not just say “yes” to something that wasn’t really important at that moment. So, while I did say no, I was not opposing what I needed to do in order to get sidetracked by others. Make sense? Sorry I realize I wasn’t so clear on all of that! 😉

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