two chicks & some beer.

my love & i are starting a new project! it involves lots of our favorite things. read all about it below…

here are two chicks who love the cozy atmosphere of a pub. and they love the beer you can find there. there’s just something wonderfully relaxing about sitting in a pub, chatting with each other, spending time with old friends, meeting new friends, and sipping on a cold beer. preferably a pint of something they have never tried before. they’ve often talked about how much they love beer, how much they love to try new beer, and how much fun it would be to taste different beer and keep a journal of their favorites. but, they’ve never done anything about it… until now.

one day the two chicks were shopping and happened to pass a book titled “101 öl du måste dricka innan du dör” (“101 beers you must drink before you die”) by örjan westerlund, and they were hooked. immediately the two chicks and some beer project was born.

today, these two chicks are launching their “two chicks & some beer” project: a quest to try 101 different beers and document their journey on their blogs (here and here). they would love for you to follow along, as they sample different tastes, visit different pubs (in cities around the world!), and share their opinions of what they discover. mind you, these two chicks are no beer experts, just beer fans. but, perhaps by the end of this journey, they will be experts on lagers, ales, and pilsners. keep in mind that this project has no time frame… it could inevitably take a few years. so much beer. so little time. hehe. who knows. these chicks are just flying by the seat of their pants, enjoying some beer along the way.

if you have any tips or favorite beer, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.

stay tuned & check back often. you can simply click on the links over in the right column. the first beer of the journey will be shared in one week… from dublin, ireland!


peace out.

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  1. Well just as well you’re coming to dublin next weekend. Make sure you go to the porterhouse again as they stock pretty much every beer on the planet.

    1. Ohhh… thanks for dropping the name of the place. i had forgotten! well, it was all planned out! we chose dublin as our kick-off city. 🙂 one week & we’re there! kram

  2. What a cute photo of you two! 🙂

    I’m not a huge beer fan (always leaves me feeling like I have a stomach full of bubbles)- except, I do like dark, home-made beer…

    Also, is it just me, or does “pub” sound so much friendlier & nicer than “bar”?


    1. Thanks, Tracy! Yeah, “pub” sounds waaaaay better than “bar”. It evokes a completely different feeling. But, in my experience, there is actually a difference between the 2, and at my stage in life, I try to stick to pubs and not frequent bars that often. 🙂

  3. The first time I tried Guinness was at an Irish Punk concert. haha! I am a beer girl, too. I prefer wheat beers like oberon and blue moon.

    I love that you guys are doing this and I am excited to hear about all the places you visit and your favorite ‘ale.


    1. Sounds like the perfect setting to taste Guinness for the first time. 😉 We will most definitely keep you posted on al out shenanigans! x

  4. Hi Liz, congratulations!I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.The rules are at! K

  5. you just can’t go wrong with a beer project. Two beautiful women on a quest to create a list of great beer.

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