wednesday wisdom: rule of living #9

half way there! today’s wednesday wisdom post is the ninth one, meaning that we have now moved through the first half of the dalai lama’s 18 rules of living (not in order of course). hard to believe that there re only 9 more weeks to go. and so far, i am completely enjoying these posts. its amazing how spending a little time reflecting on the dalai lama’s words of advice seem to speak directly to my life’s present situations. i sure hope that they are speaking to you too!

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

this week’s focus is a good one. it’s all about being willing to takes risks -something that i believe is necessary in order to live life to the fullest. i truly believe that life is as beautiful as we make it – that the universe (not fate) is conspiring in some serendipitous way to provide us with all that we ever wished (and i am not talking materially!). i suppose it’s like karma, in some way.

the life force, the divine, sacred being that connects us all is an energy that we all have within us. call it energy, call it a light, call it spirit, call it divinity, call it the image of christ, call it whatever. the spiritual part of life, that to which we connect when we meditate or pray or love someone else, is this energy that runs through us, inspiring us, sustaining us, and speaking to our souls.

and when we tap into that energy, though meditation, yoga, music, art, nature, cooking, writing, creating,anything that makes our soul sing, then we are spreading that energy further. simply stated: when we love and are simply living in love, then we spread love. and, we receive that same energy of love back.


all this to say, life is meant to be lived to the fullest. it is meant for us to share love and receive love and be love – and to be in love with our life.

but, in order to live a life filled with love, and breathless moments, and inspiring people, we must take risks. we must sometimes do things that otherwise seem crazy, or out of the norm. we must be willing to look like fools, be vulnerable, and give extravagantly. and when we do, i promise, that we will receive love in return – usually ten-fold. though, we must be careful, that we don’t simply love and risk in order to simply receive all that we want. no, we love and risk in order give, and in order to be true to who we really are.

once again, in my life, i am faced with decisions as to what to do in order to make money. damn you, money. i know, that, were i to simply settle into a job that pays the bills, then part of my soul would wither. however, i also know that there is a balance. i cannot just sit and wait. and, that’s where risk comes in: sometimes, you just gotta go for it. take that leap of faith. put yourself out there and make shit happen, trusting that all with be well with your soul, as long as you are true to it.

i have followed my own crazy advice in the past, and i have ended up with a life that is more amazing than i ever could have imagined. not perfect, but perfectly amazing.

besides, i don’t want to simply exist. i want to live. and i want to live the life that i have begun to understand is what makes  me… well, me. so, there are things i am willing to sacrifice in order to make that happen.

because in the end, for me, inner peace is what matters most. when i feel at peace, when i am in touch with that spirit/light/being within, then all others things will flow from me – and i am open to be used in this world in the best way possible. i just gotta take that leap of faith – and love every minute of it.


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  1. Oh such beautiful inspiring writing Liz! Yes, your wonderful Wednesdays with insights from the Dalai Lama are definitely speaking to me. I am all about loving life, going beyond merely existing. Let’s go beyond surviving and celebrate thriving!! Being joyful. Being playful. Being fully alive. Doing the things that make our soul sing. Yes!! Oh and the money thing? Ya that’s a big one for us all. May you find the right balance so that your bright beautiful soul never withers one smidgen, but rather continues to glow and shine ever more brightly. hugs, Gina

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