week 1: april photo a day.

the first week of april has come to a close, and i’ve got some pictures to share from the #photoadayApril challenge. i made it through the whole week & found some days a challenge, but I pushed the creative side of my brain to the max… hehe. i truly enjoy this little photo experience & i’m looking forward to next week!

ok. here we go!

day 1- reflection: my reflection in my iPad, as I rode on the train.


day 2 – color: colorful easter eggs.


day 3 – mail: how mail is delivered in my neighborhood.


day 4 – someone who makes me happy: my love, of course. ♥


day 5 – tiny: a tiny elephant i got as a gift from india.


day 6 – lunch: a yummy quiche made by my love.


day 7 – shadow: the shadow of my easter egg on the table.


by the way, all my photos are taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app. i have a tiny addiction to it.

peace out, peeps.

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  1. Wow! I have an iPhone 4s, took, but my pictures don’t always look so great! Congrats on finding out how to get some nice shots… pass it on, please! 😉

    1. Laura, i actually have no idea what i’m doing differently other than taking pictures all the time. practice makes perfect, ya know? i use the instagram app on my phone to shoot the pics and then choose a filter, and then just transfer them to my computer and post them. no photoshop of anything. if you have instagram, there is a new little sunshine-shaped button on the bottom left when you are choosing your filter. sometime i use that to brighten up the picture, other than that, just the filter itself. 🙂

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