week 51 // the week that was the week before christmas (+ a video!)

happy christmas week, you guys! can you believe that it is already here? i’m continuing my slow, simple advent theme all the way through christmas, i believe, so i am trying not to get too freaked out or stressed out or worked up about anything. it’s all about keeping myself grounded, connected, and focused on what’s really important in my life.

last week, though, was full speed ahead. however, i feel like i did a pretty good job of keeping myself focused, calm, and in the moment. here are some snaps of some of the moments that made my week:

monday: up early + on the train to stockholm for my sat nam rasayan (healing yoga meditation) training. it was a super great day. inspiring + challenging. exactly as it should be. it is amazing how learning to meditate and allow everything to be a part of my meditation  – the sounds, feelings, thoughts around me – teaches me how to truly be calm, stable, and focused. and, then in the midst of the being very present and awake and grounded in that moment, i am able to create a healing space for myself and those around me.

morning uppsala star

uppsala morning train

sat nam rasayan yoga mariatorget stockholm

sat nam rasayan yoga friends me

sat nam rasayan yoga

stockholm winter

tuesday, wednesday, and thursday i worked at the photo boutique all day. it was inteeeeeense. so many people wanting to develop photos and create calendars + christmas cards.  i was exhausted every night when i got home. but, i had so much fun with the people, as always. except for the grinches that came in, with zero christmas spirit. oh, yeah, that totally happened.

and, how can you not have christmas spirit when this cute christmas tree lot is outside of the photo boutique?! i just loved walking past this every single day. i felt like i was in a christmas movie!

christmas tree selling work uppsala

i also went to “work” at my new job as a mentor tuesday + wednesday morning for a few hours before the photo shop. those days were extra super long. but, it was so cool to get information about the teenagers that i will be working with, get my work computer, and meet some of the teachers at the school! i am totally overwhelmed and freaked out, but in a good way.

the school just happens to be right in the middle of downtown, so i get to see amazing stuff like this:uppsala frozen river

i took the bus back and forth to the photo boutique because i was also at the school, and i needed to get between the two places as quickly as possible. so, when i came home in the evening, this is what greeted me at the bus stop close to home. so cozy and festive!

christmas tree uppsala

uppsala christmas decorations windows

wednesday night, after 12 hours of work away from home, met up with the guys (my brother-in-law, my “extra” brother, and two friends) to go see the premiere of star wars: the force awakens. of course we met for a beer before the 10pm movie. and how was the movie?! it was aaaamazing!

star wars movie

star wars movie

friday was my day off! woo hoo! and it as also the beginning of my christmas vacation! so, it was the perfect time to begin wrapping a little present and watching a christmas movie. cozy cozy cozy. i met up with my love downtown for a little shopping, and then home for a few hours. i spent the evening at my new job’s christmas party, which was fun and intense. talk about jumping right in and meeting everyone all at once. but, it feels really amazing, and i am so thankful to have bene included even though i haven’t begun working yet.

christmas wrapping

the weekend was cozy and calm, as my love and i stayed home the whole time except one little trip to the grocery store in the super mild december weather. we watched christmas movies, lit candles, and just enjoyed our time together. really slowing down and relaxing.

sunday evening we invited some family over for glöggmys, a cozy evening with mulled wine – and a typical thing to do during the christmas season in sweden. we had a few snacks, lots of candles, mulled wine, and christmas music. but, lina and i also prepared a fun christmas quiz where everyone used their smartphones to answer musical + video questions. a christmas theme of course! i think it was a super hit, and the whole evening was spent with people we love, so everything about it was wonderful.

moon sunset december

warm weather december

me glögg

glögg cozy family home

glögg game family home

here’s a little video we made of our cozy sunday night. just for fun. enjoy!

and now, it’s monday. the solstice is tonight (blog post coming soon!). christmas is at the end of the week. and a full moon is also on christmas day – there has got to be some serious magic in that.

so, i am wishing you a beautiful week, my friends. i wish you simplicity, time to breathe deep, and tons of magical christmas spirit.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

11 thoughts on “week 51 // the week that was the week before christmas (+ a video!)

  1. You have refurnaged the livingroom. It looks good and I bet your christmas quiz was super fun! Wonderful pictures as always. Have a great christmas time 🙂 xxx G

    1. We did do a little changing! Good job noticing!;) Wishing you a wonderful holiday too, dear friend!xoxo

  2. What a fun video! You both seemed to be having a great time preparing and enjoying your company. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    1. So glad you liked it! Thanks for watching! We did have a great time. 🙂 Wishing you a Merry Christmas too! xo

    1. It was a great week, actually. And there are so many Swedish words that can’t be translated in to English – they are just things that you have to experience. It’d be awesome if you could experience it one day! Thanks, we have an elephant pillow in the same pattern. 😉

  3. Looks like a beautiful week! So festive and work filled! I am counting the days to closing the cafe for the christmas break and our holiday off!

    1. When do you close? How much time to you have off? I know you are totally excited about having some time to rest and relax. 🙂

  4. You two just radiant love (like in a human way, not just for eachother)! What a wonderful video – I loved watching it. xoxo

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