// week thirty eight // it’s the little things that mean the most

hello lovelies! welcome to our new week!

well, last week was a little like a broken record. work work work work. i have been so busy with work lately. and it’s been really, really great. but i am totally exhausted. so much new photography stuff has been crammed into my brain. and swedish all the live long day. whew. my brain is fried. but, it’s great to get to speak so much swedish since we only speak english at home (totally fine with me, by the way). speaking of home, i pretty much crash on the couch for a couple of hours in the evening and then sleep and then do it all over again.

however, don’t feel sorry for me one little bit. i have been learning the art of living in the present moment and how to fill those moments with gratitude and mindful awareness over the past few years when i’ve not had a “regular” work schedule. so, every day when i bike to and from work, i let that fresh air fill my lungs (sometimes i can hardly breath, though, given the hill i must tackle on my way there). but, still. it’s fresh and cool. and i pass trees and fields. and, of course, i begin my days with my meditation practice, so that keeps me focused and grounded.

plus, at work, i get to talk with so many sweet, cute, kind people. and i have the privilege of creating the photos that will be their memories. to stand there and help them, listening to their stories, and seeing their faces light up ss they flip through photos or watching them as they plan how they will perserve themes memories is such an honor. it truly is.

i did have the weekend off though – from friday until sunday, so i’ve had a good breather. and i’ve spent the time soaking up just being with my love. we’ve done a little shopping. blogging. and just being at home.

as for my love’s health and our life situation right now, we could not be more grateful + overwhelmed + moved by all of your words of inspiration, motivation, and love. just knowing that we have so many people out there that are thinking of us and sending us lots of energies from all corners of the world warms our hearts immensely. we’re doing ok. pushing through. taking it one day at a time. frustrated at this limbo time. but feeling, as i said, so blessed.

so, with that said, lemme share with you a few photos from the week. i seemed to have captured a little snap of nature every single morning on my way to work – and that definitely was not my plan. i realize again how very dependent i am on nature to inspire me, connect me, and prepare me for my day ahead.


coffee at work

tuesdaymorning nature work
wednesdaywindowsill berries
thursday (headed home + ready for 3 days off!)sunset
weekend! relax sofa home autumn computer sofa

the wild truth book sunset

 i sure do hope that your week was a good one, and i am sending you all of my best wishes and lots of love as a new week begins.

i, for one, am super pumped because… it’s my birthday week!!!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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