Week Two: The apocalypse now challenge

Well, it’s official. This challenge is a challenge. Somehow I was able to snag some photos + complete this week’s apocalypse challenge, but it was most definitely tough. I was out of town some this week. The weather wasn’t super great some days. And, honestly, I was tired many evenings… because work got in the way. Haha.

This week’s challenge was all about documenting the city in which I live as a way to share what life was like in 2019 – in case there was an apocalypse. The idea was to capture everyday life on the streets. People, culture, places, society. And it turns out, I have a really hard time capturing what’s going on on the streets. The thing is, I am drawn to nature + still life. Not people + buildings. It’s not so much that I am not interested in people or buildings. I’m just not well-practiced in it.

So, I guess it’s high time I start working on it.

This week’s apocalypse challenge was a tiny first step in starting to photography urban life. But, I’m in need of so much more practice. Still, I got it done. So, here are my pics for the apocalypse!

I chose to edit my photos in black + white again because I am not really pleased with my photos, to be honest. The black + white make them just a tad bit more arsty, I hope. In any case, it is absolutely clear to me that this week’s challenge about apocalypse, and the year-long challenge in itself, is exactly what I need.

So, I embrace it. The challenge and the opportunity to expand my photography skills. I’m busting way out of my comfort zone here, but I am so excited about learning more + growing as a photographer. As I have learned in the past, the way to become a better photographer is to take photos. And, if street photography is my downfall, then that’s exactly the style of photos I need to take.

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “Week Two: The apocalypse now challenge

  1. Liz! I loved those pics! Defenitly artsy in black+white. And seeing a little Norrköping next to your Uppsala pics made me happy ,too. Miss you xxxx

    1. Awww.. thank you so much!! i’m so glad you enjoyed them – especially the Norrköping ones! 😉 Miss you too. Love and hugs, dear friend. xo

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