welcome to uppsala!

i’ve had a a few days now to start to find my way around uppsala. i knew some very basic things, like where the castle is and where the cathedral is, and where the river is downtown. i knew where the station is and where lina’s brother lives, and where lina + her brother work. yes, i already knew the general direction of everything in relation to where we are living.

but, that’s not enough for me. i need to explore and wander. i get excited by getting lost. and, while it’s been super duper cold this week, i’ve wandered around a bit, ducking into alleys, turning onto random streets, and seeing what i can find. of course, i’m on the hunt also for cafés, pubs, parks, and bookstores. anything tiny and quaint and cozy looking. when will i stumble onto my next favorite hole in the wall? that’s always the burning question in my soul.

so, i thought, that since it’s the weekend, i’d share a few photos of uppsala – this beautiful, international, very, very old city. i mean, the city was founded in 1164! that’s freaking old. and the university was started in 1477, the oldest academic university in scandinavia. impressive stuff, i think. especially with my american background –  where buildings + cities from the 1700s are considered old. hehe.

so, here are a bunch of photos i’ve snapped around the city. take a peek at the beauty that my eyes get to behold every single day…

and, welcome to uppsala!

park-and-snow river

bridge alley bookshop
colorful-street-uppsala mailman cafe yoga cathedral
happy weekend!!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

10 thoughts on “welcome to uppsala!

    1. I am surprised as well! And it scares the begeezes out of me! I haven’t been brave enough yet. 🙂

  1. Love the fact that there is an English bookshop! Also, looks like Uppsala has a proper blue hour!

    1. The bookshop feels as if has been plucked right up out of Asheville and planted here. I love it so!

    1. I have not been brave enough to get on my bike yet! It’s all so icy and scary. Haha! Thank you! xoxo

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