what you’ll find in my instagram feed at twilight.

after a few rainy days, with temperatures hovering just above freezing, snow finally began to fall again this evening, covering the ground & the streets. and i am so so happy about it. i mean, if it’s gonna be cold and wintery, it might as well snow. otherwise it’s just cold & dreary. the snow makes everything brighter & more beautiful.

tonight, as i walked to my yoga class, i couldn’t believe how amazing the city looked bathed in the colors of twilight and the fresh, white snow everywhere. needless to say, it took extra long to get to yoga because i kept stopping to take pictures. but, it was totally worth it. somehow the clean, white snow makes everything better – if even for just a moment.

look how beautiful it is where i live.

street trees IMG_7869 norrköping

have a beautiful evening. peace.

0 thoughts on “what you’ll find in my instagram feed at twilight.

  1. I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES! So pretty and you’re so talented, my love! Kramar

  2. We live in the tropics and my daughters are obsessed with snow and northern climates. As soon as they saw these lovely pictures they said they want to go to Sweden. So, err, see you tomorrow. Haha

    1. ok… see you! and fair warning, we’ll head down to you as soon as your visit here is done. 🙂

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