Why I think we should let June’s full moon be a turning point

Ahhh… a full moon. Is there anybody else out there that just loves it when the full moon rises once a month? I love it so much, that I’ve begun wondering if I might start to make plans around the phases of the moon instead of the beginnings of each month.

What would that feel like? To be in tune with the natural cycle of the earth + the stars, instead of a man-made calendar. To mark the days cyclically, organically instead lineally. Not that I would give up on the agreed upon calendar way of marking the passage of time. I do have to live within society. Hehe. But that I might add this more natural, spiritual, holistic way of marking the passage of time in my own life. Something to ponder.

Ok. With that little thought thrown out there to the universe, let me move on to today’s full moon and what I have been thinking about it.

As always, a full moon feels like a critical climax. It is a peak moment. A completion of a phase. An ending that is filled to the brim with potential. It is also a beginning, because with every ending the cycle continues.

We see endings and beginnings  in the phases of the moon every month, in the changing of the seasons, and in the events that mark the milestones of our lives. With an ending, it’s time to say goodbye and close a door. With a new beginning, there is also always an opportunity for optimism and a call to continue evolving.  An invitation to mature and a path towards deeper into wisdom. The possibilities + opportunities are endless.

So, my question to you is… what is showing up in your life right now? What is happening? Do you feel an ending? Can you reflect for a moment to see if you get a vibe that there is a phase that is over, that it’s time to close the door on something, or move on from a old way of thinking or way of being? What do you feel? What is going on in your life?

flowers from a student

For me, personally, today is a literal ending. Today was the last day of school for my students. So we had a ceremony this morning and then bid them all farewell for the summer. There were tons of hugs, a few tears, and some sweet, magical moments that touched my soul. It’s time to close this door + move on. Of course, I have about a month left to work, but it is a month that feels and looks very different than the rest of the year. Much slower + more intentional. Laid back. Stress-free. Relaxed. And, after the next two weeks, I’ll be working on my own, as everyone else will already be on vacation.

For me, this full moon symbolizes and signifies this ending. But, it also represents a call to a new beginning.  And it would be very easy to move right on to the obvious new beginning of a new school year. But, it’s not time for that yet. So, that’s not the beginning that I feel in my soul that I am being called to right now.

Lately, I have been really, really tuning into the work that I do and want to do. Unexpected opportunities + possibilities have been popping up everywhere for the last couple of weeks. So, it has really given me pause. And I feel that the call is to expand.

How that looks right now, I just don’t know. And that’s ok. All of this to say, with the ending of the school year today + the beginning of the slower, quieter summer months of relaxation and recuperation, I believe that I am being called to go deep and explore. To stay open. To take it slowly, and yet, remain aware of the fact that things are changing and that there are steps that I will be taking to evolve. That there are “big things” on the horizon.

These past few weeks, culminating in this full moon, timed with the ending of the school year leave me feeling inspired. Open. Brave. Willing to be daring. Ultimately, I have been reminded, through all of these crazy creative opportunities that have popped up, to never settle. To never give in. To keep on creating my story as I want it to be. To not give up on wild dreams and ideas. So, this ending is ushering in a new beginning, which just could be the next chapter in my life. And that’s not code for me moving or changing jobs or anything. It just means that I never give up listening to those whisperings in my soul. That I never settle.

So, again, what is showing up in your life? What is ending as you come face to face with summer/winter? Where is your soul calling you? What is your reality + your truth at this moment in your life?

Use the symbol of the full moon to recognize the fullness within you. And use this weekend, even, to begin to look forward. To wonder + wander out into the next phase of your life…. following the phase of the moon.

It is my belief that wherever we are now, whatever is popping up, whether amazing or difficult, it is exactly what we need in this moment. So, if we reflect on it and let it sink in, if we then allow the next phase to unfold, then we will mindfully, authentically, and courageously move foward into the next phase of our being. Just as every day is a new beginning, we are also being made new. Day after day. Month after month. Season after season. Year after year. Flow with the magic of the universe. Flow with the river of power and light and love that lives within you. Dare to bind yourself to your truth and let your life reflect that.

Gaze at the moon. Give thanks for what has been and prepare for whatever is to come. It is all for the good of our being. It is all part of tuning into our higher selves, of becoming who we are truly meant to be.

Full moon blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.

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