Two weeks of sunshine, simplicity, and slow living// Songs for days 147 – 160

11 Jun 2017

Two weeks have gone by. Two whole weeks. And it feels like forever + like a second all at the same time. I blame my lack of a playlist update (though I did update in the playlist, I just didn’t do the weekly related posts) on the fact that I’ve had an insane number of days off (thanks to Sweden’s national holidays + the fact that I work at a school) and a crazy ass schedule.

Without further ado and reflection, though, I’ll just get right to sharing what’s been going on. Just a minute, though…. gotta reach for my calendar so I can refresh my memory. Hehe.

Ok. Ready!

Welcome to week 23’s songs:

Day 147: Saturday 27 May  // Sun Daze by Florida Georgia Line

By Saturday, I’d already had 2 days off, so I was super relaxed and, just in time for this extra long weekend, the weather turned to summer! So, what did we do? Head out for a beer at our fave brewery, which is right by the river downtown. Guys, it was so warm that I could wear shorts!! My love + I drank a few beers for a few hours, then we grabbed some food at a nearby restaurant and headed to the park to meet up with family. There we spent hours laying on blankets, eating, laughing, relaxing. Totally, absolutely feeling the summer vibes. And knowing that, in Sweden, it could just so happen that this was the only weekend that it would be like this, we soaked up the weather + the sun + those summer moments that we love.





Day 148: Sunday 28 May // You are the Best Thing by Ray Montagne

When I woke Sunday those summer feelings continued. I grabbed my coffee + sat on the front steps for a long time. And then I spent the rest of the day with my love at home… just being cozy. Windows wide open. Cooking. Creating. Being in love.


Day 149: Monday 29 May // Memorial Day by The Accidentals

Memorial Day, the unofficial official beginning of summer for the States, and I headed back to work after 4 days off. Back home in the evening and I decided to make a mexican dinner. It was a big hit! Fresh, spicy, and delicious, if I do say so myself!


Day 150: Tuesday 30 May // It Will Follow the Rain by The Tallest Man on Earth

So, that summer weather we just had? Gone gone gone. Rain and cold weather returned. But, we actually really need the rain here – and just look at that green. So gorgeous. If only it would just stay warm when it rains… that’d be cozy and perfect.

Day 151: Wednesday 31 May // Hey Stranger by Mandolin Orange

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a blog reader. A girl from Scotland who’s been reading my blog for about a year now and just so happens to live in Uppsala. She got up the nerve (she says) to send me an email and see if we could meet up sometime! How cool is that?! You know I love that to pieces. So, after work, I totally met her for a beer. We talked and laughed and pondered life (with a man at a nearby table who had just retired the same day) as if we’d known each other forever.

Unfortunately, she’s moving back to Scotland in a week!! But, we managed to become friends before she left – so, that’s perfect. (And, as I write this, I’ve met up with her another time as well). Love stuff like this. So, people, let it be known… should you want ot reach out to me. DO IT. xx

Day 152: Thursday 1 June // Best Medicine by The Stray Birds

I was off on this Thursday because I was gonna work on Friday (my usual days off). Lina and I did some errands around town: number one being that we turned in + sold my laptop and Lina’s iMac, and placed an order for my new Macbook laptop! (Note: as of this posting, I still don’t have my new Macbook. Sigh.). But Uppsala street art rocks. And nature… shes amazing.


Day 153: Friday 2 June // Great Night by NEEDTOBREATHE and Shovels & Rope

Graduation Day for my students! It was beautiful (but oh so chilly + windy!). What a fantastic day with my students… I even got all choked up saying goodbye to them + sending them off on their way to adulthood.





Day 154: Saturday 3 June // In the During of a Moment by The Lowest Pair

Mmm… Saturday. And the beginning of ANOTHER long weekend. I stayed home and pretty much in bed all day. I did a ton of soul-searching. Listening to my spirit. Reading the signs. And opening myself to letting life guide me… knowing that something is unfolding. Trusting in the process. Enjoying the moments.


Day 155: Sunday 4 June //  Morning Song by Old Salt Union

Another very slow day. At home again. Cooking. Rearranging the kitchen. Clearing out old vibes, welcoming new energies. Feeling so at peace.


Day 156: Monday 5 June //  Where I’ll Be by Horse Feathers

I made it out into the backyard on this day, but I continued my unintentional, but obviously very much needed, little retreat. (Long weekends are the BEST).


Day 157: Tuesday 6 June // Sverige by kent 

Tuesday was Sweden’s national day! And the weather was finally beautiful again! Sunny + warm! We headed downtown to grab a beer and then walk around a bit. Everyone was out (because it is a national holiday), so we found the perfect corner at the brewery, plopped down, and drank beer + people watched for hours. Summer feelings again. Yessssss.





Day 158: Wednesday 7 June // Arms of the Sun by Taarka

I woke early on Wednesday. Earlier than I needed to – even though I was headed to work. So, I made some coffee, grabbed a book, lit a candle, and sat in the chair in my kitchen. I read and highlighted and sipped and got so freaking inspired. Then, I put on a new, bright salmon sweatshirt, with some ripped jeans and birkenstocks, and I just felt like a burst of sunshine all freaking day long. I even got some flowers from a student that had graduated on Friday. She just dropped by + gave them to me as I was meeting with some of my other students (the ones who hadn’t graduated still had school). I felt like I was gonna freaking burst from simple joy all day long. No reason. Just overflowing. And it felt that the more I tried to give and just be me, the more I received. All. Day. Long. It truly was a special, and yet regular, day.


Day 159: Thursday 8 June // Sing Along by Robert Ellis

Things at work really started winding down as I helped students with their last bits of work, had some closing sessions with a few before sending them off for the summer, and began to slowly, mentally make the shift to the end of this school year. Yes, summer work times were about to begin. Oh, and for lunch I met with someone about a possible work opportunity that is crazy cool. And, then, after work, I met the Scottish chick again. So. Amazing.


Day 160: Friday 9 June //  Full Moon in June by Black Prairie

On Friday, we had our last day of school with students. I went to work in the morning so that I could be a part of the closing ceremony for the year + send all my babies off with good wishes. It was a beautiful morning, with tons of hugs, a few tears, and a little blessing of well-wishes to all of my amazing students. As I walked home, I realized that I had a bit of separation anxiety – ‘cuz I freaking love my job. At the same time, I am also very much looking forward to this next month of very slow, very intentional time to focus on preparing for next year.

The full moon on Friday was the perfect symbol for me of this transition period. And a magical way to begin the weekend.


That’s it. Now, you’re all caught up on my past two weeks. Looking back through this post, I realize how unbelieveably beautiful it has been. In so many ways. It just goes to prove, I believe, that there are mind-blowing moments, lovely moments, and breathtaking moments occuring all of the time. It truly is all about being mindful + aware. It comes from choosing + working hard to have a positive, grateful attitude, willing to seek the good in everything.

By no means am I saying that I have it all figured out. But, I am saying that, in seeking to live mindfully, slowly, and with awareness, I have found that every bit of life is filled with meaning + beauty.

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Happy Sunday, loves! xoxo. liz.


  • Reply My Introverted Musings 11 Jun 2017 at 15:13

    I have to say that we don’t not like the same “flavor” of music, but I’m always interested to hear what you post. Thank you for sharing your two weeks on this blog. I’m always inspired by your outlook and the way you approach life. I’m the kind of person who always feels like I need to be doing something important or should be moving around instead of sitting, in order to feel like I have accomplished something. I’m not sure why that is, why I feel guilty or badly about myself if I just relax and take life in. I love that you can do that and deeply admire it. I think there must be more peace in life if we can do that, especially if the options of doing other things are slim, like for me right now.

    I would totally love to email you or just meet up if you visit NC anytime soon. I will say that I am not too comfortable in big crowds of people I don’t know. I’d love to meet up with you or you and Lina.

    Thanks again for your willingness to share your life with your readers here on your blog!

    • Reply Liz 11 Jun 2017 at 16:17

      Haha! That’s fabulous! Are you saying that you don’t really like my taste in music? 🙂 Thank you so much for keeping up with me and all of my craziness!

      I know that it’s hard to “just sit”, but I see it as still being productive. It’s soul care, life care… so I have the energy and inspiration to do even more in my “active” times. The other things about taking time to just be means that we have to face ourselves. Or that our thoughts may tend to take over and make us uncomfortable/is difficult to deal with. My best advice is to just slowly introduce a few moments of just being at a time. And to let that count as actually being productive. Because I truly believe that it is.

      We can absolutely email if you’d like. And just so you know, we will be in Asheville this summer, so maybe we can figure out a place to meet up! You let us know what works for you! xx

      • Reply My Introverted Musings 12 Jun 2017 at 15:35

        That is exactly what I’m saying about your taste in music. Haha 🙂 It’s really interesting how there are so many styles of music that appeals to different people. Different tastes in things makes the world interesting!

        I think for me right now, I have too much time to “just sit.” My thoughts really do make things difficult to deal with. I’m a very anxious person so it does not take me long to think of something to worry about. I’ve always said that if I didn’t have something to worry about then I’ll worry about that! It’s like I’m almost afraid I’m missing something that I should worry about. I think sometimes our minds get used to being a certain way. Even if that certain way isn’t fun, it’s what we’re used to and other things may be uncomfortable too. I guess that’s why it’s good that we don’t get into in a rut. That’s just my thoughts on it.

        I look forward to seeing you two!

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