why this year thanksgiving is all about the people

happy thanksgiving, all you americans out there!

turkey day is here, and i would give any, any, anything to be in the states with my family watching the mace’s thanksgiving day parade, helping my mom in the kitchen, stuffing my face with delicious food, spending the rest of the day laid out on the sofa from a food coma, watching my first christmas movie of the season, and making that transition to the official (in my family at least) start of the holiday season. preparations for advent, christmas, and the new year would be underway.

alas, i am not there. and my american family is spread out… like all over. alabama, ohio, north carolina, connecticut, paris, and me in sweden. and, today is just another regular day in sweden, albeit a good day for me i think. i’ll be (frantically!) gathering the last little things for our thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, meeting with lina and her therapist at the hospital, and attending a cozy christmas concert in the evening.

perhaps, having thanksgiving be just another regular day helps me to focus on what’s really important with this holiday. perhaps by not setting a special day for giving thanks, i can in fact, learn to truly give thanks every day. in the middle of all of the regular, ordinary days that make up life. to really, actually live in gratitude.

today, however, i do want to set aside just a few moments to recognize that which i am most grateful for. and, while i am so very thankful for so many things, i am absolutely most grateful for the people in my life. and, of course, i can’t forget those dear souls who are no longer living, and those ancestors of mine who reach all the way back to the very first thanksgivng in 1621. without them, i would be lost. lonely. uninspired. alone. in truth, i would not be who i am.

so, here’s to those wonderful, amazing people in my life! here’s a thanksgiving toast to…

the people who have known me, loved me, and been with me throughout life:



fireworks3 beach family

the people who have accepted me, welcomed me, and made me part of their family.


the one that is my partner, my wife, my inspiration, my hero, and my best friend.

me lina

i am also absolutely grateful for all of my friends and even more family that i have., those of you in the states, in sweden, and in other countries around the world. i consider myself so rich in love and inspiration. just know, all of you, that today, as i go about my regular business (and tomorrow as i celebrate my own little thanksgiving meal), i am holding each and every one of you in my heart. i am giving thanks for just you –  for who you are, and how you have touched my life.

and, for all of you fabulous blog readers out there, i am sending lots of love and light to you too. how grateful i am for your presence and support and inspiration.

wishing you all beautiful gatherings of all kinds over the next few days. may the light + magic of the holiday season settle in your soul and be present around your table.

“Happiness only real when shared.” ― Christopher McCandless

happy thanksgiving, lovelies! xoxo

7 thoughts on “why this year thanksgiving is all about the people

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Liz. I know you’ll be both thinking of both your American traditions today as well as being in the present and so I wish you peace as move through your day and have those moments of missing some of the people you love most. I hope you and Lina have a fantastic celebration tomorrow and I wish you both peace and strength! xoxo

    1. Meghan, your wishes and thoughts were just what we needed. I am certain that we felt them as we enjoyed our day. I sure do hope that you have a lovely and peaceful day too. Sending you bucks of love and hugs. xoxo

  2. I’m holding a vision of you having a wonderful time at your dinner tonight — and, of course, everyone falling in love with American Thanksgiving cuisine 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Leigh. I will soak up your vibes all day long and into the night. I am busy banging around in the kitchen right now. 🙂

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