xmas: the one // an EPIC holiday playlist just for you

i believe that it is now time to turn on some holiday christmas music. whaddya say?! and, friends, i have had so much fun creating what i think is the perfect playlist just for you. seriously. it really is epic.

i have been gathering music + creating holiday playlists for years, and i have now combined them all into one super huge festive playlist. it literally is THE ONE. of course it includes traditional bing crosby and nat king cole and the carpenters songs, plus funky indie sufjan stevens and the head and the heart and handsome and gretyl songs, and everything else in-between, like michael bublé and she & him and even that annoying (but we all love it!) feliz navidad tune. there are classical tunes, bluegrass tunes, pop tunes. i mean, e-v-e-r-y-thing you could possibly imagine.

so, head on over to spotify by clicking << here >> or on the photo below, and start listening. you will need nothing else all the way until the new year. i promise. it’s freaking 20 hours + 49 minutes long!

december playlist

enjoy listening! and merry little everything!! xoxo




9 thoughts on “xmas: the one // an EPIC holiday playlist just for you

  1. Wow, what an epic playlist! I may not know yet what to make for dinner for our pre-Christmas friends’ Christmas dinner, but the music is done. Thanks Liz, and happy season!

    1. Yes! So glad I could help you with your dinner party music! 😉 Enjoy it!! Lots of love to you! xo

    1. Woo hoo! Hoorah for a new spotify user! Let me know if you need any help with anything. 🙂 And I am so glad that you like the list!

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