wilfa: saving my life one coffee pot at a time

ok. i  am being a bit melodramatic. but, wilfa has made my life feel much more like my life. you know i love coffee, right? and, if you have followed my little journey of moving to uppsala, you also know that in our temporary apartment where we live now there is no coffeemaker. gaaaaaaaah. the first week i tried tea. i mean i really, really tried. but, by the end of the week, with a pounding no-caffeine headache, i made my way to a café to get a cup of coffee. then, i settled and bought instant coffee. yuck. though, after 4 weeks of instant coffee, i grew to think it was ok. it definitely saved me – a little.

but, last saturday, three days ago, everything changed.

my love + i had a day full of adventure ahead of us. first, we walked a few miles to a man who was selling a bike. lina needed a bike desperately. i pushed mine beside us as we walked. after the exchange went down, we hopped on our bikes on one end of the city (well, the suburbs, actually) and rode them across the city to another suburb area completely across town. think southwest to northeast. it was a long way. and i hadn’t ridden a bike in a long time.

this second stop was because we were going to order the sofa that we want in our new apartment. and we ordered it and it will be delivered the day after we move in! wooooo. we are so excited because it is a sofa we have been drooling over for about 5 years now – we wished we could have had it before when we lived in sweden. but, all good things, in their own time. right?

after that purchase/order, we rode to another store to look at coffeemakers. we already had in mind which one we wanted, but we wanted to check it out. good thing we did, because as we were looking at the one we thought we were going to buy, our eyes caught hold of another one nearby. something that looked completely different. it was crazy. weird. and beautiful.

in the end, we decided to go for it. the new, crazy, weird, beautiful one. it’s made by a norweigian company, and it very very nordic in it design. all form and function and clean and minimalist. we love it!

so we strapped it on the back on lina’s new bike and rode the forever ride back to the apartment just before sunset – this is how we do things in sweden. hehe. i don’t know how she managed to ride and hold on the coffeemaker with one hand, while steering with the other. it was all i could do to just ride. geez. i’m not a biking girl – but i’m gonna be!

on sunday morning, bright + early, we tested her out. our new beautiful nordic addition. we brewed our own coffee! for the first time in over a month! and then we celebrated by making french toast to go along with the freshly brewed coffee. needless to say, i am spoiled. and this is a first-world problem/post. but, i am so very grateful. and i love love love the new coffeemaker. she’s great!
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happy tuesday! xoxo

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