48 hours of exploring NYC’s Upper East Side: Day 2

the week that was not glamorous, but oh so radiant // 16

the week when i ate my lunches alone // 15

the week that was all about the new normal // 14

the week when everything was new // 1

// week twenty nine // there’s nothing like a good work/play balance in life

ten on ten :: june 2015

hugos kaffe: a funky cafĂ© in uppsala with an asheville vibe (a throwback to my “fika girl” days)

wilfa: saving my life one coffee pot at a time

stockholm is for lovers

be|love|live is here!

fika comes full-circle

the beauty of the everyday

hanging out together


goodbye, weekly sensory overload.

sensory overload. part 13.

40 days in a cathedral: week two

sensory overload: part 7

wednesday wisdom: it’s all about community.

sensory overload.

instagram love.

i’m all into hemingway right now.

things i love about these september days.

a girl and her fika: fortydaysfika.com

a cup of coffee cures everything.

namaste, my friends.

celebrating life… the nordic spring way.

tiny moments to celebrate.

berlin’s cozy atmosphere.

pinch me. i’m an ex-pat.

on the hunt for some warmth. in sweden. in january.

tuesday made me smile.

happening now.

’twas the night before t-giving, and i was a mess.

another afternoon in europe.

coffee + sunshine = happiness.

wordless wednesday: the last week of august.

ending july on a good note.

wakey wakey.

inspired by the rain.

there’s just something about a beautiful door.

6 o’clock pm.

i’m serious about my coffee.

day 17: snack.

day 8: a smell i adore.

oh, to be like the cat.

look what the easter bunny brought.