meditation mondays: bloom where you are planted

i’m obsessed with thinking about spring. when the calendar clicks to march, my brain clicks to spring. to new life. to new birth. to new chances. to new everything.

but, i wonder, if i think so much about what is coming, do i miss what is?

somehow i came up with a vision for myself. something that i could make a part of my life more: it might be a good idea for me to take what i have been given, focus on it, use it, and let new life begin from that.

we (i) tend to focus on what we don’t have –  i’m not talking about material things, but dreams wishes, hopes. instead of living exactly where we are now and letting our lives be used for good right where we are, we think about the past or dream about the future. we think that we know what is best for our lives – and we beg the universe, god, whatever, to make that a reality. in that way, we refuse to live in the present. we look away from what is, always looking to what we hope will be or to what was will happen again.

but, maybe living like that is closing ourselves off to things that we could never imagine. what if we are missing opportunities for fun, for growth, for transformation by not trusting? what if there is so much that we could give and do and be right here? right where we are. even if we aren’t comfortable.

yes, friends, i love being in sweden. it is truly amazing to know that i have the rights to live here, just as any other swede (minus the right to vote and a swedish passport). what a gift it is to feel welcomed by and accepted by another country – a country that has so much to offer. i am so blessed.

at the same time, my heart aches for many things in asheville. mostly feelings + friends + family. so, i find myself sometimes thinking about what was, and what will be when i visit again. and when i do that, i cheat myself of the experience of being fully present where i am. of course, it’s totally fine to miss asheville and be sad and nostalgic. those are necessary and legitimate feelings.

but the best way to have those feelings, in my opinion, is to wrap them up in the knowledge that i am where i am. deep huh? hehe. and where i am, though i may not understand fully in any specific moment, there is great potential. there is great opportunity and possibility wherever we are. all it takes is us being open to it. accepting it. and taking yet another leap of faith.

it’s like that cheesy saying: “bloom where you are planted.” there’s some truth in that, i think. you are wherever you are. why not make the best of it and live life to the fullest anyway? why not open up and see what possibilities and beauty will unfold? why not put ourselves out there as much as we can, even if it’s uncomfortable or not at all what we wanted, hoped for, or thought it would be like? what if we decided to trust instead of remaining paralyzed by fear of the unknown? besides, we only have this one life. we only have this one day. so, why not let our lives be used for something amazing? right here. right now. this week. today.


“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin


onwards + upwards! xoxo

6 thoughts on “meditation mondays: bloom where you are planted

  1. Important thoughts. It reminds me of Jeremiah 29:4-7, the passage about “Build houses and live in them,” etc. That passage is about the people in exile, which isn’t exactly your situation, but I do really appreciate that idea that we need to make the most of where we are whether it’s permanent or not. As much as it’s tempting to look toward the future, we also need to live in the present.

  2. Bloom where you are planted – something I have to remind myself, too. Especially in a city as fast-paced as NYC – it can be quite tiring when you don’t live in the present moment and think too much about past (missed) opportunities and future endeavors. A great post! BTW, how do I follow your blog? I don’t see a plus sign anywhere…

    1. So, so true. Good to see you blogging again! I’ve signed up for the blogging challenge as well, thanks to you. We will see when I get started with it. 😉

      And, I take it you found the “follow” button?! xoxo

      1. Happy to see you’ve signed up for it! Can’t wait to read your posts and thoughts on it. Make sure you join the facebook group, there’s a bunch of support there.

        Also, I was only able to hit the follow button in the online version (using my cell phone) but at least I found it! Now you pop up in my reader again, yaaay!

  3. When reading today’s blog I was suddenly reminded of a book I read ages ago “Illusions” by Richard Bach. It was a strange little book that I ended up really enjoying. At the beginning was a parable about letting go and the crystal river creatures who were afraid to let go of the past they were comfortable with and experience the now. I remember the quote “The true work is this voyage, this adventure” Thanks for bringing back some happy memories.

    1. Oh, that’s so interesting! Thank you for sharing about that book. I’m going to have to have a peek at it or something – sounds good!

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